Chapter 13.20


13.20.010    Established.

13.20.020    Compilation and availability.

13.20.010 Established.

When an applicant’s property to be served by a water or sewer connection has not been previously assessed or has not otherwise paid a proportionate share of such cost for the extension of the water or sewer main from which service is desired the applicant for a water or sewer connection shall pay, prior to connection to the water or sewer main and in addition to standard utility charges and fees elsewhere provided, such other reasonable and equitable charges as may be determined by the city council for a connection to the particular water or sewer extension, or as may be established by existing agreement between the city and the person(s) who previously paid for such water or sewer extension even though the applicant’s property was previously assessed for construction of other water and sewer mains.

Charges so set by the city council or established by agreement may differentiate between direct and indirect hook-ons, in which case the following definitions shall apply:

(1) Direct Hook-on. One which connects directly to the water or sewer main.

(2) Indirect Hook-on. One which connects to a public utility which is an extension of or from the public utility main in question. [Ord. 570 § 1, 2015].

13.20.020 Compilation and availability.

All special utility hook-on fees established by this chapter shall be compiled in booklet form, available to the public, which shall include a full copy of the agreement or city council motion adopting such fees, setting forth:

(1) Location and type of affected utility.

(2) Specific hook-on fees for such utility service, separately stated for water and sewer service where both utilities are included in one development, and separately stated for single-family residences, multifamily residences and commercial activities, where different fees are set based upon such criteria.

(3) Any other criteria utilized in setting such fees, including, but not limited to, direct and indirect hook-ons, topography, in-city and out-of-city fees. [Ord. 570 § 2, 2015].