Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    Need declared.

2.10.020    Established.

2.10.030    Named.

2.10.010 Need declared.

The city council of the city of Rainier, Oregon, hereby finds and declares that blighted areas as defined in ORS 457.010 exist within the city and that there is a need for an urban renewal agency. (Ord. 944 § 1, 1993)

2.10.020 Established.

The city council hereby declares, pursuant to ORS 457.035 and 457.045, that all of the rights, powers, duties, privileges and immunities granted to and vested in an urban renewal agency by the laws of the state of Oregon shall be exercised by and vested in a board consisting of seven members who shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to approval by the council. One of such members shall be appointed for a term of one year, two for a term of two years, two for a term of three years and two for a term of four years. Thereafter, regular appointments shall be made for a four-year term. The members of the board shall serve at the pleasure of the city council and may be removed at any time by a majority vote of the council. A vacancy shall occur from the death, resignation or inability to serve of any member. A resignation when made shall be addressed to and accepted by the mayor. Successors shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to council approval for the unexpired term of any such vacancy. Board members shall serve without salary or compensation of any nature except necessary and ordinary expenses incurred in connection with the performance of their duties. Within 10 days after all members of the board initially appointed have accepted such appointment, the board shall meet under the direction of the mayor and organize by the election of a chairperson and secretary from their number, except that the mayor shall designate a chairperson to serve until the date of the first annual meeting of the board as established in its bylaws. The board shall make provision for regular meetings at fixed times and may adopt bylaws, rules and regulations to govern its own procedure. The board may delegate to one or more of its members as a special board or boards, such duties and responsibilities as it may deem proper. (Ord. 944 § 2, 1993)

2.10.030 Named.

The corporate name of the agency provided by this chapter shall be, and said agency shall be known as the “Rainier Economic Development Council – The Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Rainier, Oregon”. (Ord. 944 § 3, 1993)