Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Petitions.

2.30.020    Application of statutory provisions.

2.30.030    Confirmation of candidacy.

2.30.010 Petitions.

All nominations for any office to be filled by the electors of the city of Rainier at any municipal election shall be made by petition, which petition shall be filed with the city recorder not more than 100 days nor less than 62 days before the day of election. Such petition shall be signed by not less than 25 qualified electors of the city of Rainier. (Ord. 779, 1970; Ord. 776, 1970; Ord. 329 § 1, 1918)

2.30.020 Application of statutory provisions.

All the provisions of the laws of Oregon relating to primary nominating elections shall apply to the nomination of candidates for offices within the city of Rainier, excepting insofar as they may conflict herewith. (Ord. 329 § 2, 1918)

2.30.030 Confirmation of candidacy.

Upon receiving any petition containing the required number of signatures of qualified electors, the city recorder shall cause the name of the person named in said petition to be printed upon the official ballot at the municipal election, and said person shall thereupon be deemed to be a candidate for said office. (Ord. 329 § 3, 1918)