Chapter 5.15


5.15.010    Definitions.

5.15.020    Prohibitions.

5.15.030    Curfew regulations.

5.15.010 Definitions.

“Amusement device” means:

A. A coin or token operated mechanical-electronic or nonmechanical device which is designed for the amusement of the player or operator and is complete in itself, being either a music device or having as its purpose the production or creation of a game of skill, amusement, entertainment, or test of strength, whether or not any motivating force involved is furnished by the player or the device.

B. Amusement device shall not include devices used exclusively for the purpose of selling tangible personal property, such as cold drinks, tobacco products, candies, postage stamps, or other merchandise; or services such as pay telephones, parking meters, money change machines, gas and electric meters, and other distribution of public service. (Ord. 873 § 1, 1983)

5.15.020 Prohibitions.

Electronic video games which will hereinafter be referred to as amusement devices shall be allowed as an incidental or accessory use to a certain business. However, amusement device game arcades shall be strictly prohibited unless the following requirements are met:

A. The arcade has received consent to conduct said business from all adjacent businesses and land owners within a 200-foot radius of said proposed arcade.

B. The applicant has filed an application and a recommendation of the police department has been favorable.

C. The arcade has had a site plan review and approval by all affected city departments which will include not only the site plan but also floor plans showing proposed placement of all machines.

D. There shall be ample off-street parking which shall allow a minimum of one-half car space per amusement device.

E. Amusement device arcades shall be prohibited in residential areas, or near schools and churches. (Ord. 873 § 2, 1983)

5.15.030 Curfew regulations.

No minors will be allowed without being present with a parent or guardian except under the following exceptions:

A. During the hours from 9:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. (Ord. 873 § 3, 1983)