Chapter 6.10


6.10.010    Definition of terms.

6.10.020    Dogs not to be at large.

6.10.030    Dogs which are nuisances.

6.10.040    Dogs required to be licensed.

6.10.050    Impounding.

6.10.060    Biting dogs.

6.10.070    Killing certain dogs.

6.10.080    Pound regulations.

6.10.090    Right of animal.

6.10.100    Violation – Penalty.

6.10.010 Definition of terms.

As used in this chapter:

A. “Dog” means both male and female.

B. “Owner” means a person, firm, association, or corporation owning, keeping, or harboring a dog.

C. “At large” means off or outside of the premises belonging to the owner or keeper of such dog, or not in the company of and under the control of its owner or keeper. (Ord. 765 § 1, 1970)

6.10.020 Dogs not to be at large.

It shall be unlawful for a dog to run at large or be permitted to run at large. (Ord. 765 § 2, 1970)

6.10.030 Dogs which are nuisances.

A dog is a nuisance if it:

A. Howls or barks in such a manner as to deprive a person of peace and quiet.

B. Injures or kills an animal or fowl belonging to a person other than the owner or custodian of the dog. (Ord. 765 § 3, 1970)

6.10.040 Dogs required to be licensed.

A dog shall be licensed according to the laws of the state, and no person shall own or have custody of a dog not so licensed. (Ord. 765 § 4, 1970)

6.10.050 Impounding.

A dog which is running at large, is a nuisance, or is unlicensed is in violation of this chapter and may be impounded by any Rainier police officer within the corporate limits of the city of Rainier or by such other county dog control officer as may be duly authorized by the council to carry out these duties for the city of Rainier. (Ord. 765 § 5, 1970)

6.10.060 Biting dogs.

A dog found biting a person or showing a propensity to bite persons may be summarily seized by any person and promptly delivered to the dog control officer. (Ord. 765 § 6, 1970)

6.10.070 Killing certain dogs.

A dog which is known to be rabid may be summarily killed by any person. (Ord. 765 § 7, 1970)

6.10.080 Pound regulations.

A. Whenever a dog is impounded pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, in case the owner or custodian of the dog is known to the Rainier police officer or other county dog control officer, he shall forthwith give notice of the impounding by personal service or by mail upon the owner or custodian, and if the owner or custodian does not within five days after the date of service of the notice claim the dog and pay the redemption fee of $1.00 a day, the dog may be humanely killed or disposed of to a person agreeing to provide a suitable home.

B. In case the owner or custodian of the dog is not known to the Rainier police officer or other county dog control officer, a notice of impoundment shall be placed on the bulletin board at City Hall; and if at the expiration of five days after notice is posted, neither the owner nor custodian claims the dog and pays a redemption fee of $1.00 per day, it may be humanely killed or disposed of to a person agreeing to provide it a suitable home. (Ord. 765 § 8, 1970)

6.10.090 Right of animal.

A dog owner, believing himself aggrieved by the seizure and impounding of his dog, may apply to the municipal judge for the release of his dog and the municipal judge shall thereupon set a time and place for hearing the application and notify the Rainier police officer or county dog control officer, and upon a summary hearing at such time and place the municipal judge shall have full power to determine whether the dog has been wrongfully impounded and whether he shall be returned to his owner and upon what terms. (Ord. 765 § 9, 1970)

6.10.100 Violation – Penalty.

A person who violates this chapter may be punished by a fine of not less than $15.00 nor more than $100.00. (Ord. 806, 1973; Ord. 765 § 10, 1970)