Chapter 9.45


9.45.010    Police and fire communications.

9.45.020    Deliveries to prisoners.

9.45.010 Police and fire communications.

No person shall operate any generator or electromagnetic wave or cause a disturbance of a magnitude that interferes with the proper functioning of a police or fire department radio communication system. Interference caused by equipment operated in compliance with Federal Communications Commission regulations does not violate this section. (Ord. 916 § 58, 1987)

9.45.020 Deliveries to prisoners.

No person shall deliver, by any means, intoxicating liquor, dangerous drugs or narcotic drugs, as defined by state law, to a person confined in the city detention facility or attempt to convey or deliver any article to a prisoner without the consent of the officer in charge. (Ord. 916 § 59, 1987)