Chapter 9.60


9.60.010    Offenses outside city limits.

9.60.020    Soliciting or confederating to violate.

9.60.030    Attempt to commit offenses.

9.60.040    Separate violations.

9.60.050    Violation – Penalty.

9.60.060    Nuisance abatement.

9.60.070    Application of state statutes.

9.60.010 Offenses outside city limits.

This title applies to acts committed on property owned or leased by the city that is outside the corporate limits of the city. (Ord. 916 § 91, 1987)

9.60.020 Soliciting or confederating to violate.

No person shall solicit, aid, employ or engage another, or confederate with another to violate a provision of any city ordinance. (Ord. 916 § 92, 1987)

9.60.030 Attempt to commit offenses.

A person who attempts to commit an offense mentioned in this title or any ordinance of the city but who, for any reason, is prevented from consummating such act is guilty of an offense. (Ord. 916 § 93, 1987)

9.60.040 Separate violations.

When in any city ordinance, an act is prohibited or is made or declared to be unlawful or an offense, or doing an act is required, or the failure to do an act is declared to be unlawful or an offense, each day a violation continues constitutes a separate offense. (Ord. 916 § 94, 1987)

9.60.050 Violation – Penalty.

Violation of a provision of this title is punishable by a fine not to exceed $500.00. However, if a violation of a provision is identical to a state statute with a lesser penalty, punishment shall be limited to the lesser penalty prescribed in state law. (Ord. 916 § 95, 1987)

9.60.060 Nuisance abatement.

No provision in this title shall preclude abatement of a nuisance as provided in Chapter 8.15 RMC. (Ord. 916 § 96, 1987)

9.60.070 Application of state statutes.

Provisions of the Oregon Criminal Code of 1971, as now constituted, relating to defenses, burden of proof, general principles of criminal liability, parties and general principles of justification apply to offenses defined and made punishable by this title. (Ord. 916 § 99, 1987)