Chapter 17.25


17.25.010    Double frontage and reverse frontage.

17.25.020    Existing structures and appurtenances.

17.25.030    Large lots.

17.25.040    Monuments.

17.25.050    Side lot lines.

17.25.060    Size and shape.

17.25.010 Double frontage and reverse frontage.

A. Double frontage and reversed frontage lots should be avoided except where essential to provide separation of residential development from railroad tracks or crossings, traffic arterials or collectors, adjacent nonresidential uses, or to overcome specific disadvantages of topography and orientation.

B. Residences on double frontage lots shall be oriented towards the lower classification street adjacent to the lot:

1. Local street instead of collector or arterial; and

2. Collector street instead of arterial.

C. If two local streets are adjacent to a series of adjacent double frontage lots, then residences on all such lots shall be oriented towards the same local street. (Ord. 974 § 4 (Exh. A.2 § 510), 1998)

17.25.020 Existing structures and appurtenances.

A. Any existing structures proposed to be demolished shall be removed prior to the city approval of the subdivision or partition plat. Any structures determined to be a historic city landmark shall be reviewed in accordance with RMC Title 18.

B. Any existing wells shall be abandoned in the manner prescribed by state and county regulations prior to the city approval of the subdivision or partition plat.

C. Any existing underground fuel or oil tanks, septic tanks and similar underground storage tanks shall be removed or filled as required by the Department of Environmental Quality prior to the city’s approval of the subdivision or partition plat. (Ord. 974 § 4 (Exh. A.2 § 520), 1998)

17.25.030 Large lots.

When subdividing, partitioning or adjusting land into large lots which at some future time are possible to be resubdivided, repartitioned or readjusted to a size which more closely conforms to the other lots in the subdivision or area, the applicant shall submit a future streets plan. The future streets plan shall indicate that proposed large lots be of such size and shape and contain such building site restrictions as will provide for the extension and opening of streets at such intervals and the subsequent division of any such large lot into smaller size lots which meet the requirements of RMC Title 18. (Ord. 974 § 4 (Exh. A.2 § 530), 1998)

17.25.040 Monuments.

Survey markers and monumentation shall be placed as required by state law. Any monuments that are disturbed before all improvements are completed shall be replaced by the applicant to conform to the requirements of state law. (Ord. 974 § 4 (Exh. A.2 § 540), 1998)

17.25.050 Side lot lines.

The side lines of lots, as far as practicable, shall run at right angles to the street upon which the lots face. (Ord. 974 § 4 (Exh. A.2 § 550), 1998)

17.25.060 Size and shape.

A. The lot size, width, shape and orientation shall be appropriate for the location of the lot and shall comply with the zoning district development standards for the type of development and use contemplated.

B. These minimum standards shall apply, with the following exceptions:

1. In areas that will not be served by public sewer or public water supply, the lots shall also conform to any special requirements developed by the county health department or the Department of Environmental Quality with respect to sewage disposal and water supply.

2. Where the zoning district designation is for commercial or industrial use, other lot sizes, widths and areas may be permitted at the discretion of the city council. Depth and width of properties reserved or laid out for commercial and industrial purposes shall be adequate to provide for the off-street service and parking facilities required by the type of use and development contemplated.

3. Where the property constitutes or is part of a conditional use approval and fully complies with specific conditions imposed at the time of approval of the conditional use, other lot sizes, widths and areas may be permitted at the discretion of the planning commission. (Ord. 974 § 4 (Exh. A.2 § 560), 1998)