Names and Boundaries

Section 1. Title of Enactment.

This enactment may be referred to as the Amended Charter of the City of Rainier.

Section 2. Name of City.

The city of Rainier, Columbia County, Oregon, shall continue to be a municipal corporation with the name “City of Rainier.”

Section 3. Boundaries.

The city shall include all territory encompassed by its boundaries as they now exist or hereafter are modified by the voters, by the council, or by any other agency with legal power to modify them. The recorder shall keep in the recorder’s office at the city hall, at least two copies of this charter, in each of which shall be maintained an accurate, up-to-date description of the boundaries. The copies and description shall be available for public inspection at any time during the regular office hours of the city recorder. [Section 3 as amended by election held January 8, 1962.]