Title 13


Division I. Utility Code

13.01    City Authority Regarding Utilities

13.02    Definitions

13.04    Utility Fees, Charges, Billing and Collection

13.06    Utility Enforcement, Inspections and Penalties

13.08    Utility Design Standards

13.10    Utility Services and Use

13.12    Utility Service Connections

13.16    Utility Use Regulations

13.20    Cross-Connections

13.40    Alternate Sewage Disposal

13.44    Building Sewers and Connections

13.52    Restricted Discharges and Pretreatment

Division II. System Development Charges

13.70    System Development Charges

Division III. Equivalent Assessment

13.90    Equivalent Assessment Connection Charge

Division IV. Street Maintenance Fee

13.100    Street Maintenance Fee

Division V. Stormwater System Fee

13.200    Stormwater System Fee