Chapter 1.20


1.20.010    Regular elections.

1.20.020    Special elections.

1.20.030    Notice of elections.

1.20.040    Qualifications of electors.

1.20.050    Canvass of election returns.

1.20.060    Commencement of terms of office.

1.20.070    Oath of office.

1.20.080    Nominations.

1.20.090    Election ballots furnished by recorder.

1.20.010 Regular elections.

Regular city elections shall be held at the same time and places as regular state elections, in accordance with the applicable state election laws. In each regular city election, all officers to be elected at that time and all matters submitted to the electors at that time shall be voted upon. The election officers shall be the same as those serving the county precinct in which the city of Sisters is included. [Ord. 52 § 1, 1956. Code 2002 § 1.16.010].

1.20.020 Special elections.

The council may, by resolution or ordinance, order a special election and provide the time, manner and means for holding it. At least 10 days’ notice shall be given of each special election. [Ord. 52 § 2, 1956. Code 2002 § 1.16.020].

1.20.030 Notice of elections.

The recorder, under the direction of the council, shall give at least 10 days’ notice of each city election by posting the notice in three public places in each precinct. The notice shall state the officers to be elected at the election, the measures to be voted on at the election, and the time and place of election. [Ord. 52 § 3, 1956. Code 2002 § 1.16.030].

1.20.040 Qualifications of electors.

No person shall vote at any city election unless he be a qualified elector of the state and a resident of the city at least 90 days next preceding the election. He shall be a registered voter in this county in the precinct in which the city of Sisters is situated. Only a taxpayer of the city of Sisters, Oregon, can vote on levying special taxes and the issuance of public bonds. [Ord. 52 § 4, 1956. Code 2002 § 1.16.040].

1.20.050 Canvass of election returns.

By noon of the day following a city election, the returns of the election shall be filed with the recorder, and within 10 days after the election, the recorder and at least one member of the council shall meet and canvass the returns. In all elections held in conjunction with state and county elections, the state laws governing the filing of returns by the county clerk and the canvassing of the returns shall apply. The results of all elections shall be made a matter of record in the journal of the proceedings of the council and shall contain a statement of the total number of votes cast at each election, the votes cast for each person or proposition, the name of each person elected to office, the office to which he was elected, and a reference to each measure enacted or approved. Immediately after the completion of the canvass, the recorder shall make and sign an affidavit of election to each person elected. The certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the facts which it states but the council shall be the final judge of the qualifications and election of its own members, subject, however, to review by any court of competent jurisdiction. [Ord. 52 § 5, 1956. Code 2002 § 1.16.050].

1.20.060 Commencement of terms of office.

The term of office of each person elected to office at a regular city election shall commence at the time of the first regular meeting in January immediately following the election. In case of an election or appointment to fill a vacancy in office, the person elected or appointed shall enter upon his office immediately. [Ord. 52 § 6, 1956. Code 2002 § 1.16.060].

1.20.070 Oath of office.

Each officer, before entering upon the duties of his office, shall take and file with the recorder an oath or affirmation that he will support the Constitution and laws of the United States and of the state, and that he will faithfully perform the duties of his office. [Ord. 52 § 7, 1956. Code 2002 § 1.16.070].

1.20.080 Nominations.

No person shall be eligible to an elective office within the city unless at the time of his election he is a qualified voter of the state of Oregon, and has resided within the city for one year immediately preceding his election. The name of such person shall be placed upon the ballot whenever a petition and written acceptance of nomination, as hereinafter prescribed, shall have been filed in his behalf with the recorder. Such petition shall be signed by not less than 10 nor more than 20 electors. Each elector may sign as many petitions as the number of offices to be filled at said election, and should an elector sign more petitions than the number of offices to be filled, his signature shall be void as to the petition or petitions last filed. The signatures of the nomination petition need not all be appended to one paper, but to each separate paper there shall be attached an affidavit of the circulator thereof stating the number of signers of each paper and that each signature appended thereto was made in his presence and is the genuine signature of the person whose name it purports to be. With each signature shall be stated the place of residence of the signer, giving the street and number or other description sufficient to identify the same. The form of nomination petitions shall be substantially as follows:

We, the undersigned, electors of the City of Sisters, hereby nominate __________, whose residence is __________, for the office of __________, to be voted for at the election to be held in the city of __________ on the _____ day of __________, 20__; and we individually certify that we are qualified to vote for a candidate for the office named and that we have not signed more petitions than the number of officers to be filled at said election.

Name ____________________________

Street and Number __________________

(Space for additional signatures)

State of Oregon


County of Deschutes

) ss.

__________, being duly sworn, deposes and says that his address is __________ Street and that he is the circulator of the foregoing paper containing _____ signatures, and that the signatures appended thereto were made in his presence and are the signatures of the persons whose names they purport to be.




(Signature of Circulator)

Subscribed and sworn to before me this _____ day of __________, 20__.




Notary Public (or other officer authorized to administer oaths)

This petition is filed by __________, whose address is __________ Street.

All nomination papers comprising a petition shall be assembled and filed with the recorder as one instrument not later than 15 days before the election. The recorder shall make a record of the exact time at which each petition is filed and shall take and preserve the name and address of the person by whom it is filed. Within one day after the filing of a nomination petition, the recorder shall notify the candidate and person who filed the petition whether or not it is found to be signed by the required number of qualified voters. If a petition is found insufficient, the recorder shall return it immediately to the person who filed it, with a statement certifying wherein the petition is found insufficient. Within the regular time allowed for the filing of petitions, such a petition may be amended and filed again as a new petition or a different petition may be filed for the same candidate. Any eligible person placed in nomination as hereinbefore provided shall have his name printed on the ballot, if within one day after notification to him by the recorder, he shall have filed with the recorder a written acceptance of the nomination in the following form:


I hereby accept the nomination for __________ and agree to serve if elected.




Signature of Candidate

Date of Filing: _______________

The petition of each person nominated to be a member of the council shall be preserved by the recorder until the expiration of the term of office to which he has been nominated. [Ord. 52 § 8, 1956. Code 2002 §§ 1.16.080, 1.16.090].

1.20.090 Election ballots furnished by recorder.

It shall be the duty of the recorder to cause to be prepared and furnished to the election officers the necessary ballots for all city elections. [Ord. 52 § 9, 1956. Code 2002 § 1.16.100].


For charter provisions on elections, see city charter Ch. VI; for statutory provisions on nominations and elections of city government officers, see ORS 221.110 et seq.