Chapter 8.10


8.10.010    Open burning prohibited.

8.10.020    Exceptions.

8.10.030    Penalties.

8.10.010 Open burning prohibited.

Except as authorized by this chapter, no person shall start or maintain any outdoor fire within the boundaries of the city of Sisters, for the following purposes:

(1) The burning of any refuse, garbage, or other waste products;

(2) The burning of any yard debris;

(3) The burning of any construction material or debris;

(4) Field burning. [Ord. 375 § 2, 2007. Code 2002 § 8.08.030].

8.10.020 Exceptions.

(1) The following open burning is allowed under the conditions set forth in this chapter:

(a) Fires for religious purposes;

(b) Fires initiated by the fire district for training purposes;

(c) Fires associated with the operation of a business with a valid city of Sisters business license;

(d) Camp fires, bonfires, or fire pits, or warming fires;

(e) Barbecue pits;

(f) Gas or charcoal barbecues;

(g) Outdoor fireplaces.

(2) Requirements for Allowed Fires. All outdoor fires allowed under this chapter shall comply with the following requirements:

(a) All fires shall conform with Section 307 of the Oregon Fire Code;

(b) All fires shall comply with the regulations established by the fire district;

(c) All fires shall occur only in the presence of an adult who shall be present at any time the fire is burning and shall constantly monitor the fire. [Ord. 375 § 2, 2007. Code 2002 § 8.08.040].

8.10.030 Penalties.

A violation of this chapter is deemed a violation under SMC 1.10.010. In addition, if the property owner or person in control of the fire fails to immediately extinguish the fire, the city of Sisters or its authorized representative may extinguish the fire and all cost associated with extinguishing the fire will be paid by the property owner or the person in control of the fire, and such amounts owing shall become a lien on the real property where the fire occurs. [Ord. 375 § 2, 2007. Code 2002 § 8.08.050].