Chapter 12.10


12.10.010    Address.

12.10.020    City grid system.

12.10.030    Cul-de-sac or dead end.

12.10.040    Dwelling.

12.10.050    East/west road.

12.10.060    Grid lines.

12.10.070    Initial north/south line.

12.10.080    Initial east/west line.

12.10.090    North/south road.

12.10.100    Private road.

12.10.110    Public road.

12.10.120    Structure.

12.10.010 Address.

(1) Address shall consist of a number and a road name. This address shall be determined at the location where the access driveway intersects a county road, public way or private road. The address assigned to any empty lot shall be based on the most probable access location.

(2) Addresses shall end in an even number on the north and east sides of a road and shall end in an odd number on the south and west sides of a road. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.010].

12.10.020 City grid system.

(1) “City grid system” means a coordinate system for address numbering which covers all lands within unincorporated Deschutes County.

(2) The address numbers in the grid system shall increase as they traverse in the cardinal directions from the intersection of Elm and Cascade Streets. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.020].

12.10.030 Cul-de-sac or dead end.

“Cul-de-sac” or “dead end street” means a short street having one end open to traffic and terminated by a vehicle turnaround. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.035].

12.10.040 Dwelling.

“Dwelling” means a building or portion thereof designed or used as the residence or sleeping place for one or more persons. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.040].

12.10.050 East/west road.

“East/west road” means a road that runs predominantly east and west. Roads that lie predominantly at an angle greater than 45 degrees from due north or due south shall be numbered as east/west roads. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.045].

12.10.060 Grid lines.

“Grid lines” are a part of the city grid system and run west to east and south to north for the entire width and length of the city. These lines are used as reference points to determine the numerical portion of an address that is assigned to dwellings or other structures. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.050].

12.10.070 Initial north/south line.

“Initial north/south line” means Cascade Street. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.055].

12.10.080 Initial east/west line.

“Initial east/west line” means Elm Street. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.060].

12.10.090 North/south road.

“North/south road” means a road that runs predominantly north and south. Roads that lie predominantly at an angle less than 45 degrees from due north or due south shall be numbered as north/south roads. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.065].

12.10.100 Private road.

“Private road” means a private right-of-way created by a recorded easement or other instrument, not dedicated to or accepted by the city or other public body, and not designated as part of the city road maintenance system. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.070].

12.10.110 Public road.

“Public road” means a road over which the public has a right of use that is a matter of public record. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.075].

12.10.120 Structure.

“Structure” means anything constructed or built, any edifice or building of any kind, or any piece of work artificially built up or composed of parts joined together in some definite manner, which requires location on the ground or is attached to something having a location on the ground. [Ord. 272 § 2, 1995. Code 2002 § 12.08.080].