Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Notice of election of council position.

2.20.020    Qualification of electors.

2.20.030    Qualifications for elective city office.

2.20.040    Nominating petitions and declaration of candidacy.

2.20.050    Review of nominating petitions.

2.20.060    Notice to county elections officer.

2.20.010 Notice of election of council position.

The city will publish a notice of election listing the city offices coming up for election, filing requirements and deadlines. This notice will be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the week preceding the earliest date for filing with the city election officer. (Ord. 225 § 1, 1982)

2.20.020 Qualification of electors.

A qualified elector is a resident of the city who qualifies as a legal voter under state law. (Ord. 225 § 2, 1982)

2.20.030 Qualifications for elective city office.

Every qualified elector who has resided in the city of Veneta during the 12 months immediately preceding the election may be nominated for elective city office. (Ord. 225 § 3, 1982)

2.20.040 Nominating petitions and declaration of candidacy.

(1) Nominating petitions shall be available at the Veneta City Hall. Prior to collecting signatures, each prospective petition must be signed by the candidate and approved for circulation by the city elections official in writing. This approval shall verify the prospective petition contains all required information, specify any specific requirements for signers, and advise candidate of the number of signatures required.

(2) A nomination petition shall include the signatures of not fewer than 20 qualified electors.

(3) Declarations of candidacy shall be available at the Veneta City Hall. The declaration of candidacy and a nominee's written acceptance of the nomination shall include the signature of the nominee and the nominee's name as it shall be printed on the ballot.

(4) A petition nominating a qualified person for elective city office and a nominee's declaration of candidacy shall be submitted to the city recorder at the same time, not sooner than 100 days prior to a general election, and not later than 70 days before the date specified by state law or county elections division. (Ord. 445 § 1, 2004)

2.20.050 Review of nominating petitions.

Prior to filing the petition with the city elections official, the candidate must submit the nominating petition signature sheets to the Lane County elections official in sufficient time to allow signature verification of 20 qualified electors. In no case may a petition be submitted to the city elections official after the filing deadline or with less than 20 signatures, as verified by the Lane County elections official. (Ord. 445 § 2, 2004)

2.20.060 Notice to county elections officer.

The city elections officer shall notify the county elections officer as required by law to have the names of all eligible nominees placed on the ballot. The city elections officer shall also notify each nominee that his name has been placed on the ballot. (Ord. 225 § 6, 1982)