Chapter 2.45


2.45.010    Established.

2.45.020    Committee member appointment.

2.45.030    Term of office.

2.45.040    Vacancies and removal.

2.45.050    Ex-officio members.

2.45.060    Meetings.

2.45.070    Officers.

2.45.080    Advisory capacity.

2.45.090    Recommendations and reports.

2.45.100    Duties and responsibilities.

2.45.110    Compensation of members.

2.45.120    Quorum – Rules and regulations – Meetings.

2.45.130    Members, prohibited acts.

2.45.010 Established.

A youth advisory committee is hereby established to be composed of a minimum of five student members appointed by the council upon recommendation by the mayor. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.020 Committee member appointment.

To be eligible to serve on the youth advisory committee students must have been a resident of the Fern Ridge School District area for at least one year prior to submitting the application for membership; and be at least 13 years of age and no older than 19 years of age as of July 1st for the year for which they will serve. In addition, at least three of the five members must also reside within the corporate limits of Veneta. Interested students should submit an application, together with a letter of interest and a list of references to the city recorder no later than May 1st of each year. The council shall review all applications received. The council may choose to conduct interviews of applicants to determine appointments or may make appointments based solely upon the completed applications. Appointments shall be made no later than July 1st for terms to begin July 1st of each year. Attempts shall be made to include students from private schools and home school families in addition to students from the Fern Ridge School District. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.030 Term of office.

Youth advisory committee members shall be appointed for one-year terms. Terms shall be from July 1st through June 30th. No member may serve more than three consecutive terms. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.040 Vacancies and removal.

Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the remainder of the unexpired term. A member may be removed by the city council after hearing, for misconduct or nonperformance of duty. A member who is absent from three consecutive meetings without an excuse as approved by the chairperson is presumed to be in nonperformance of duty and the city council shall declare the position vacant unless finding otherwise following the hearing. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.050 Ex-officio members.

A representative of the city council and the city administrator or his/her designee shall serve as ex-officio members. The council member shall be appointed by the mayor. Ex-officio members may participate in youth advisory committee meetings. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.060 Meetings.

The youth advisory committee shall meet at least monthly, on a specific schedule adopted for the year by the committee members. Special meetings of the committee may be called by the committee chairman, by and upon the concurrence of three members, or by the city administrator. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.070 Officers.

At the first meeting of the committee in September of each year, the youth advisory committee shall elect from among its members a chairperson, a vice chairperson, and a secretary to serve for a one-year term. The chairperson or vice chairperson, in the event of the absence of the chairperson, shall conduct the meeting. The secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes of the meetings. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.080 Advisory capacity.

The youth advisory committee shall be an advisory committee to the city council and shall make recommendations and reports to the city council regarding issues of concern to youth in the community. Final determination for all matters pertaining to recommendations from the youth advisory committee shall remain the responsibility of the city council. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.090 Recommendations and reports.

Each recommendation and/or report made by the youth advisory committee shall be presented to the city council orally by a member of the youth advisory committee to be selected by the committee at the time they vote on the recommendation or report. The committee shall also select an alternate member to make the recommendation or report in the event the initial person selected by the committee cannot, for any reason, personally make the recommendation or report. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.100 Duties and responsibilities.

The youth advisory committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

(1) Advise the city council regarding issues of concern to youth in the community.

(2) Assist in planning and implementing social, educational, cultural and recreational activities for youth.

(3) Work with the mayor, city council, city department heads, schools, Chamber of Commerce, civic clubs and service organizations to provide service and leadership opportunities for the youth of the city.

(4) Inform and educate other youth of issues facing the city and opportunities for youth involvement in the city and community affairs.

(5) Promote community pride.

(6) Assist in developing and implementing ways to eliminate negative influences among our future community leaders. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.110 Compensation of members.

Members of the youth advisory committee shall receive no compensation, but shall be reimbursed for authorized and necessary expenditures. The city administrator shall preauthorize all such expenditures. The youth advisory committee shall have no authority to make any expenditure on behalf of the city, nor to obligate the city for payment of any sums of money. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.120 Quorum – Rules and regulations – Meetings.

A majority of the youth advisory committee members shall constitute a quorum. The youth advisory committee shall adopt rules and regulations which shall be consistent with the laws of the state of Oregon, the Veneta City Charter and city of Veneta ordinances. (Ord. 440, 2003)

2.45.130 Members, prohibited acts.

A member of the youth advisory committee shall not participate in any committee proceeding or action in which any of the following has a direct or substantial financial interest:

A member or his/her spouse, brother, sister, child, parent, father-in-law, mother-in-law, any business in which (s)he has been serving or has served within the previous two years, or any business with which (s)he is negotiating for or has an arrangement or understanding concerning a prospective partnership or employment.

An actual or potential conflict of interest shall be disclosed at the meeting of the committee in which the action is being taken. (Ord. 440, 2003)