Chapter 3.30


3.30.010    Application or petition processing costs – Requirements.

3.30.010 Application or petition processing costs – Requirements.

In order to cover the actual processing costs connected with an application or petition as required by the city's zoning and subdivision ordinances, the applicant is hereby required to submit those applications required by the above referenced ordinance and pay the following fees:

(1) An application fee to be established by resolution of the city council;

(2) The actual costs of preparing and mailing notices to abutting property owners or others required to be notified; the costs of any notices required to be published in newspapers; technical reviews of application materials by city-designated experts, including but not limited to engineers, attorneys, wetland specialists, geologists, arborists, and biologists; and any other mandated costs. At the time an application is filed, the applicant shall pay deposits established by resolution of the city council to cover these costs. The applicant shall be required to reimburse the city for actual costs over and above the required deposit. (Ord. 460 § 1, 2006; Ord. 165 § 1, 1978)