Chapter 13.30


13.30.010    Standard specifications.

13.30.020    Improvement procedures.

13.30.030    Filing of standard specifications.

13.30.010 Standard specifications.

(1) The city engineer shall prepare standard specifications for construction, reconstruction or repair of streets, sidewalks, sewers, storm sewers, water mains, surface drainage and storm sewer systems, broadband fiber conduit, and other utilities and public improvements to be constructed in the city of Veneta. The standard specifications of the city of Veneta, including typical sections and plans, shall be adopted by the council under separate resolution.

(2) All public improvements shall be constructed according to standard specifications of the city unless an exemption is granted by the city engineer. If the city does not have adopted design standards or specifications, an applicant who proposes to construct public improvements shall submit proposed improvement plans and specifications to the city engineer for approval. (Ord. 509 § 1, 2014; Ord. 404 § 1, 1999)

13.30.020 Improvement procedures.

Public improvements shall be installed in accordance with the following procedure:

(1) Approval of Plans. All public improvement plans, specifications and contract documents must be checked for adequacy and approved by the city engineer and city attorney prior to the award of a contract or the commencement of construction of the public improvement.

(2) Notice to Proceed. Public improvement work shall not be commenced until the city engineer has issued a written notice to proceed. If work is discontinued for any reason during the course of construction, work shall not be resumed until the city is given 24 hours’ advance written notice.

(3) Inspections. Public improvements shall be constructed under the inspection and to the satisfaction of the city engineer, or his authorized representative. The city engineer may require or authorize changes in typical sections or details in the public interest if unusual conditions arise during the course of construction.

(4) Installation of Underground Utilities. Underground utilities, sanitary sewers, storm drains, water mains, and broadband fiber conduit installed in streets shall be constructed prior to the surfacing of streets. Stubs for surface connections for underground utilities, sanitary sewers, water services, and broadband conduit shall be placed to the limits of the city right-of-way when service connections are made and the end of all stubs shall be marked for future location.

(5) As-Built Drawings. Three copies and one reproducible drawing set of as-built drawings showing the location of all public improvements as constructed, all of which have been stamped and signed by the engineer of record, shall be filed with the city upon the completion of the improvements. (Ord. 509 § 2, 2014; Ord. 404 § 2, 1999)

13.30.030 Filing of standard specifications.

One copy of the standard specifications of the city of Veneta shall be kept on file in the office of the city recorder, public works director, and city engineer for inspection by the public. (Ord. 404 § 3, 1999)