Chapter 18.05


18.05.010    Applicability.

18.05.020    Procedures.

18.05.030    Final action – Approval.

18.05.010 Applicability.

This chapter shall be supplemental to all land use ordinances of the city and shall apply whenever dictated by Chapter 654, Oregon Laws, 1977. (Ord. 171 § 1, 1978)

18.05.020 Procedures.

Whenever this chapter is in effect, the following procedures or procedure similar thereto shall be followed by the city staff and applicable decision-making body:

(1) Preparation of brief statement setting forth the criteria and standards considered relevant to the decision of the city staff. Such shall utilize criteria and standards found in the applicable ordinance, the comprehensive plan, and other ordinances and rules and regulations now in effect as from time to time adopted by the city council and appropriate decision-making body.

(2) The above statement shall be submitted to the decision-making body prior to or at the time the item comes before the body.

(3) After the permit request has been considered by the decision-making body, the staff shall be directed to add to the statement:

(a) Those facts relied upon in rendering the decision;

(b) The justification for the decision based upon the criteria, standards and facts set forth. (Ord. 171 § 2, 1978)

18.05.030 Final action – Approval.

Final action shall not be considered as having been made until the completed statement as required by this chapter is approved by the decision-making body. (Ord. 171 § 3, 1978)