Chapter 2
Administration and Government

Article 1
Elected Officers

A.    Mayor

§2-101.    Compensation of the Mayor

Article 2
Appointed Officials and Employees

A.    Independent Auditor

§2-201.    Position of Independent Auditor Created

§2-202.    Annual Appointment of Independent Auditor

§2-203.    Abolition of Office of Elected Auditor

Article 3
Boards and Commission

A.    Planning Commission

§2-301.    Creation of Commission

B.    Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Review Board

§2-311.    Background and Findings

§2-312.    Creation of Board; Membership and Duties

Article 4
Volunteer Fire Company Matters

§2-401.    Fire and Rescue Company Recognized and Territory Assigned

§2-402.    Authorized Activities of the Fire and Rescue Company

§2-403.    Authorized Activities of Members of Community Fire Company of Cornwall Borough

§2-404.    Purpose

§2-405.    Assistance from Other Volunteer Fire Companies and Emergency Responders

§2-406.    Authorization to Identify Insurance Coverage(s)

§2-407.    Authorization to Recover Costs; Limitation

§2-408.    Method of Recovery; Administrative Fees and Costs

§2-409.    Enforcement

§2-410.    Relief Association Recognized

§2-411.    Annual Appropriations to Relief Association

§2-412.    Interpretation

Article 5
Loss Control Program

§2-501.    Background and Purpose

§2-502.    Establishment of Loss Control Program; Organization; Responsibilities; Borough Commitment

Article 6
Attorneys’ Fees

§2-601.    Purpose and Intent

§2-602.    Definitions

§2-603.    Imposition of Attorneys’ Fees for Collection of Delinquent Accounts

§2-604.    Schedule of Attorneys’ Fees for Services Related to Collection of Delinquent Accounts

§2-605.    Recovery of Additional Attorneys’ Fees in Specific Circumstances

§2-606.    Interest on Municipal Liens

§2-607.    Recovery of Fees and Costs