Chapter 8
Offenses and Nuisances

Article 1
Tampering with or Injury to Property

§8-101.    Unlawful to Tamper with Public Property or Property on Street, Alley or Public Ground

§8-102.    Unlawful to Tamper with Stakes, Posts or Monuments

§8-103.    Unlawful to Tamper with Warning Lamps, Signs or Barricades

§8-104.    Unlawful to Take Earth, Stone or Other Material from Street, Alley or Public Ground

§8-105.    Certain Activities Not Prohibited

§8-106.    Penalty

Article 2

§8-201.    “Nuisance” Defined

§8-202.    Unlawful to Create or Maintain Nuisance

§8-203.    Removal or Abatement of Nuisances

§8-204.    Penalty for Violation

§8-205.    Exceptions

Article 3

§8-301.    Curfew for Minors

§8-302.    Definitions

§8-303.    Exceptions to Curfew

§8-304.    Unlawful for Parents to Permit Violations

§8-305.    Unlawful for Owner or Operator of Motor Vehicle to Permit Violations

§8-306.    Unlawful to Provide False Information

§8-307.    Enforcement

§8-308.    Penalties

§8-309.    Procedure in Case of Repeated Violations or Other Factors Interfering with Enforcement

§8-310.    Police Discretion in Age Determination