Chapter 11A
Stormwater Management

Article 1
General Provisions

§11A-101.    Statement of Findings

§11A-102.    Purpose

§11A-103.    Statutory Authority

§11A-104.    Applicability

§11A-105.    Repeals and Continuation of Prior Regulations

§11A-106.    Compatibility with Other Ordinance Requirements

§11A-107.    Stormwater Management Data

§11A-108.    Erroneous Permit

§11A-109.    Borough Liability

Article 2

§11A-201.    Definitions

Article 3
Stormwater Management Standards

§11A-301.    General Requirements

§11A-302.    Stormwater Management Districts

§11A-303.    Stormwater Management District Implementation Provisions

§11A-304.    Design Criteria for Stormwater Management Facilities

§11A-305.    Calculation Methodology

§11A-306.    Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Requirements

§11A-307.    Volume Reduction Requirements (Groundwater Recharge)

§11A-308.    Water Quality Requirements

§11A-309.    Best Management Practices (BMPs)

§11A-310.    Stream Bank Erosion Requirements

§11A-311.    Catch Basin Markings

Article 4
Stormwater Management Site Plan Requirements

§11A-401.    General Requirements

§11A-402.    Exemptions

§11A-403.    Stormwater Management Site Plan Contents

§11A-404.    Plan Submission

§11A-405.    Stormwater Management Site Plan Review

§11A-406.    Modification of Approved SWM Site Plans

§11A-407.    Resubmission of Disapproved Stormwater Management Site Plans

§11A-408.    Authorization to Construct and Term of Validity

§11A-409.    As-Built Plans, Completion Certificate, and Final Inspection

Article 5
Inspections by Borough

§11A-501.    Schedule of Inspections

Article 6
Fees and Expenses

§11A-601.    Fees and Reimbursement of Expenses

§11A-602.    Performance Guarantee

Article 7
Operation and Maintenance Responsibilities

§11A-701.    Applicability

§11A-702.    Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Responsibilities

§11A-703.    Stormwater Management Agreement and Declaration of Easement

§11A-704.    Responsibilities of Developers and Landowners

§11A-705.    Maintenance of Existing Stormwater Management Facilities

§11A-706.    Alteration of Stormwater Management Facilities

Article 8
Enforcement and Penalties

§11A-801.    Right of Entry

§11A-802.    Post-Construction SWM BMPs Schedule of Inspections

§11A-803.    Notice of Violation

§11A-804.    Suspension and/or Revocation of Permits and Approvals

§11A-805.    Violations and Penalties

§11A-806.    Appeals

Article 9
Floodplain Management

§11A-901.    Floodplain Criteria

Article 10
Post-construction Stormwater Management Report

§11A-1001.    Format

§11A-1002.    Required Sections and Contents

Article 11
Existing Stormwater Management Controls

§11A-1101.    Requirements

Article 12

§11A-1201.    Prohibited Discharges and Connections

§11A-1202.    Roof Drains and Sump Pumps

§11A-1203.    Alteration of SWM BMPs

§11A-1204.    Prohibitions Against Non-stormwater Discharges

Article 13

§11A-1301.    References


Appendix 11A-A    Stormwater Management Agreement and Declaration of Easement

Appendix 11A-B    Stormwater Management Design Tables & Charts

Appendix 11A-C    Stormwater Management Site Plan Application

Appendix 11A-D    Stormwater Management District Watershed Maps

Appendix 11A-E    Worksheets for Computing Expected Pollutant Loads from Specific Land Uses

Appendix 11A-F    Cornwall Borough–Standard Stormwater Management Notes

Appendix 11A-G    Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Guidelines