Chapter 12
Streets and Sidewalks

Article 1

A.    Street Excavations and Openings

§12-101.    Definitions

§12-102.    Permits

§12-103.    Application for Permit

§12-104.    Insurance

§12-105.    Fees and Costs

§12-106.    Performance of Work

§12-107.    Protection of Existing Facilities

§12-108.    Opening Paved Streets Within 3 Years

§12-109.    Emergency Openings Within 3 Years of Paving

§12-110.    Bonding

§12-111.    Penalty

B.    Placing Snow and/or Ice on Streets

§12-121.    Definitions

§12-122.    Snow and/or Ice Not to Be Placed in Street

Article 2

A.    Sidewalk and Curb Construction and Repair

§12-201.    Property Owners to Construct or Reconstruct Sidewalks and Curbs on Notice

§12-202.    Property Owners to Repair Sidewalks and Curbs on Notice

§12-203.    Sidewalk and Curb Specifications

§12-204.    Conditions for Construction, Reconstruction or Repair of Sidewalks and Curbs by Property Owners on Own Initiative

§12-205.    Sidewalks and Curbs along Corner Lots

§12-206.    Authority for Borough to Do Certain Work and Collect Cost, plus 10 Percent from Defaulting Property Owner

B.    Snow and Ice on Sidewalks

§12-211.    “Sidewalk” Defined

§12-212.    Responsibility for Removing Snow, Ice and Slush from Sidewalks, or for Placing Abrasive Material

§12-213.    Authority for Borough to Remove Snow, Ice and Slush or to Place Abrasive Material at Expense of Person in Default

§12-214.    Penalty for Violation

C.    Trees, Bushes and Shrubs along Streets and Sidewalks to Be Kept Trimmed

§12-221.    Trimming

§12-222.    Penalty for Violation of Failure to Comply

Article 3

A.    Driveways to Be Paved Within Dedicated Right-of-Way

§12-301.    Paving Required

§12-302.    Permit Required

§12-303.    Failure to Pave as Required

§12-304.    Penalties