Chapter 13
Subdivision and Land Development

Article 1
Purpose and Authority

§13-101.    Title

§13-102.    Purpose

§13-103.    Objectives

§13-104.    Application of Regulations

§13-105.    Jurisdiction

§13-106.    Compatibility with Other Permit and Ordinance Requirements

§13-107.    Restrictions Related to Stormwater Management

§13-108.    Waiver of Liability

Article 2

§13-201.    Rules of Interpretation

§13-202.    Specific Terms

Article 3

§13-301.    Intent

§13-302.    Pre-application Review (Sketch Plan)

§13-303.    Formal Application

§13-304.    Acceptance for Filing

§13-305.    Preliminary Plan Application

§13-306.    Final Plan Application

§13-307.    Plans Exempted from Standard Procedures

§13-308.    Procedure for Requesting Consideration of a Modification of Provisions of this Chapter.

§13-309.    Compliance with Chapter and Zoning Hearing Board Decisions

§13-310.    Effects of Changes in this Chapter

Article 4
Plan Requirements

§13-401.    Sketch Plan

§13-402.    Preliminary Plan

§13-403.    Final Plans

§13-404.    Lot Annexation Plans and Natural Subdivisions

§13-405.    Feasibility Report on Sewer and Water Facilities

§13-406.    Traffic Impact Study

§13-407.    Wetlands Study

§13-408.    Conservation Plan

Article 5
Design Standards

§13-501.    Intent

§13-502.    General Standards

§13-503.    Energy Conservation Standards

§13-504.    Topography

§13-505.    Grading

§13-506.    Blocks and Lots

§13-507.    Stormwater Management and Design Criteria

§13-508.    Sewage Disposal

§13-509.    Water Supply

§13-510.    Streets, Private Streets, and Driveways

§13-511.    Vehicular Parking Facilities, Sidewalks, and Curbs

§13-512.    Survey Monuments and Markers

§13-513.    Other Utilities

§13-514.    Easements and Rights-of-Way

§13-515.    Landscaping and Screening

§13-516.    Refuse Collection (Dumpster) Stations

§13-517.    Stripping, Piling, Replacement, or Removal of Topsoil

§13-518.    Public Dedication of Park and Open Space Land

Article 6
Construction of Required Improvements and Dedication

§13-601.    Completion of Improvements or Guarantee Thereof Prerequisite to Final Plan Approval

§13-602.    Effect of Plan Recording on Dedication and Reservations

§13-603.    Release from Financial Security

§13-604.    Remedies to Effect Completion of Improvements

§13-605.    Inspection During Construction

§13-606.    Construction in Accordance with Plans

§13-607.    As-Built Plan

§13-608.    Dedication

§13-609.    Development Agreement

Article 7
Floodplain Management

§13-701.    Intent

§13-702.    Definition of Terms Utilized in this Article

§13-703.    Applications Procedures and Plan Requirements

§13-704.    Design Standards and Improvements

§13-705.    Performance Guarantee

§13-706.    Borough Liability

Article 8
Administration, Enforcement, and Penalties

§13-801.    Fees

§13-802.    Waivers

§13-803.    Application Requirements

§13-804.    Action on Waiver Applications

§13-805.    Enforcement

§13-806.    Violations, Penalties, and Preventative Remedies

Article 9
Appeals and Interpretation

§13-901.    Appeals

§13-902.    Interpretation and Application of Provisions

§13-903.    Application of Ordinance

§13-904.    Ordinance Construction


Appendix 13-1    Certificate of Accuracy (Plan)

Appendix 13-2    Certificate of Accuracy (Survey)

Appendix 13-3    Stormwater Management Certification

Appendix 13-4    Certificate of Ownership, Acknowledgment of Plan Offer, and Dedication

Appendix 13-5    Cornwall Borough Preliminary Plan Approval Certificate

Appendix 13-6    Cornwall Borough Final Plan Approval

Appendix 13-7    Cornwall Borough Approval Certificate for a Lot Annexation Plan

Appendix 13-8    Cornwall Borough Planning and Zoning Commission Review Certificate

Appendix 13-9    Application for Consideration of a Pre-application Review (Sketch Plan)

Appendix 13-10    Application for Consideration of a Subdivision and/or Land Development Plan

Appendix 13-11    Application for Consideration of a Modification

Appendix 13-12    Request for Review of a Subdivision of Land Development Plan by the Lebanon County Planning Department

Appendix 13-13    Notice of Acceptance of an Improvement Guarantee

Appendix 13-14    Required Improvements Listing (Form)

Appendix 13-15    Notice of Completion and Approval of Improvements

Appendix 13-16    Lot Annexation Plan Notation

Appendix 13-17    Water Use Requirements

Appendix 13-18    Standard Street Section and Curb and Sidewalk Details

Appendix 13-19    Standard Parking Compound Details

Appendix 13-20    Determination of Sight Distances

Appendix 13-21    Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Chart

Appendix 13-22    Runoff Coefficients “C” for Rational Formula

Appendix 13-23    Runoff Curve Numbers “CN” for SCS Method

Appendix 13-24    Time of Concentration Nomograph

Appendix 13-25    Best Management Practices (BMP) Design Details