Chapter 21
Streets and Sidewalks

Part 1
Openings and Excavations

§21-101.    Definitions

§21-102.    Permit Required

§21-103.    Permit Application Procedure; Appeals

§21-104.    Fees

§21-105.    Issuance of Permits; Security; Supplements; Notification of Completion

§21-106.    General Conditions Applying to Permits

§21-107.    Special Conditions for Subsurface Operations

§21-108.    Special Conditions for Aboveground Facilities

§21-109.    Violations and Penalties; Enforcement

§21-110.    Modification of Conditions

Part 2
Sidewalk and Curbing

§21-201.    Placement and Width of Future Sidewalks

§21-202.    Placement and Width of Sidewalks Partially Laid

§21-203.    Width of Curbing

§21-204.    Conformance to Existing Conditions

§21-205.    Conformance to Fixed Standards

§21-206.    Application Required; Duty of Engineer

§21-207.    Responsibility for Expense

§21-208.    Service of Notice upon Noncompliance

§21-209.    Remedy upon Noncompliance; Municipal Claim for Costs

§21-210.    Violations and Penalties

Part 3
Removal of Snow and Ice From Sidewalks

§21-301.    Definitions

§21-302.    Snow and Ice to Be Removed from Sidewalks

§21-303.    Deposit of Snow and Ice Restricted

§21-304.    Violations; Work Done; Liability Therefore

§21-305.    Violations and Penalties

Part 4
Devices Propelled by Human Power and/or Gravity

§21-401.    Definitions

§21-402.    Restrictions

§21-403.    Violations and Penalties

Part 5

§21-501.    Duty of Owner to Cut Vegetation

§21-502.    Removal of Vegetation by Borough; Costs

§21-503.    Violations and Penalties