Part 5

§21-501 Duty of Owner to Cut Vegetation.

Every owner of realty in the Borough shall cut and maintain the grass, weeds, brush, hedges or trees from the curbline or gutter to and beyond the property line in a neat and orderly fashion so that the same do not extend over the sidewalk, curb or street in such manner as to obstruct or otherwise interfere with the free use of the said sidewalk, curb or street, such interference being deemed maintenance of a nuisance.

(Ord. 204, 1/7/1952)

§21-502 Removal of Vegetation by Borough; Costs.

Where §21-501 has not been complied with, the Borough shall have and exercise the same powers as given in §21-209.

(Ord. 204, 1/7/1952)

§21-503 Violations and Penalties.

Any person, firm or corporation which violates any of the provisions of this Part shall, upon conviction thereof in an action brought before a magisterial district judge in the manner provided for the enforcement of summary offenses under the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $1,000 plus costs together with reasonable attorney fees and, in default of payment of said fine and costs, to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 90 days. Each day that a violation of this Part continues or each Section of this Part which shall be found to have been violated shall constitute a separate offense.

(Ord. 204, 1/7/1952; as added by Ord. 825, 10/3/2016, §5(B))