Part 3
Plan Requirements

§22-301 Sketch Plan.

1.    A sketch plan should include the following items (submit four copies):

A.    A map showing the general location of the subdivision and the property boundaries of the subdivision area.

B.    Topography contours from available data.

C.    A lot and street layout indicating general dimensions of lots to the nearest foot.

D.    The acreage of the entire tract.

E.    Identification of all existing and proposed public and private easements.

F.    Lots and blocks numbered consecutively.

G.    The scale of the sketch plan shall not be less than one inch equals 200 feet. The plan shall include magnetic north point, name of the subdivision, name of the municipality, and tax map sheet number.

(Ord. 465, 1/8/1979, §301)

§22-302 Preliminary Plan Procedure.

1.    The preliminary plan shall be at a scale of 1 inch equals 100 feet.

2.    Three copies of an application for approval of a preliminary plan, shall be submitted by the applicant.

3.    The preliminary plan shall show or be accompanied by the following information:

A.    Proposed subdivision name or identifying title.

B.    North point, scale and date.

C.    Name and address of the owner or owners of the property.

D.    Key map at scale of one inch equals 800 feet indicating the location of the subdivision area with respect to the major street system.

E.    Name and seal of the registered engineer, surveyor or architect responsible for the plan.

F.    Tract boundaries with bearings and distances.

G.    Contours at vertical intervals of 5 feet or, in the case of relatively level tracts, at such lesser interval as may be necessary for satisfactory study and planning of the tract.

H.    Datum to which contour elevations refer. Where reasonably practicable, data shall refer to known, established elevations.

I.    All existing water courses, tree masses, and other significant natural features including all strip mines and bodies of water in abandoned stripping pits.

J.    All existing buildings, sewers, water mains, culverts, petroleum or petroleum product lines, fire hydrants and other significant manmade features.

K.    All existing streets on or adjacent to the tract, including name, right-of-way width, and pavement width.

L.    All existing property lines, easements and rights-of-way, and the purpose for which the easements or rights-of-way have been established.

M.    Location and width of all proposed streets, alleys, rights-of-way, and easements; proposed lot lines with approximate dimensions; playgrounds, public buildings, public areas and parcels of land proposed to be dedicated, or reserved for public use.

N.    Proposals for storm sewage disposal and drainage within the subdivision including the watershed areas served by individual structures, and the locations, invert elevations, gradients and sizes of all pipe and of all other structures where applicable.

O.    Wherever practicable, the preliminary plan shall show the names of owners of all abutting un-plotted land and the names of all abutting subdivisions.

P.    Where the preliminary plan covers only a part of the subdivider’s entire holdings, a sketch shall be submitted of the prospective street layout for the remainder.

Q.    Copies of the proposed deed restrictions, if any, shall be attached to the preliminary plan.

R.    Copies of tentative approval for service connections from the appropriate public agencies.

S.    A plan for erosion and sedimentation control during and following development.

T.    Information Regarding Floodplain Districts.

(1)    The location of the proposed subdivision and/or land development with respect to any designated Floodplain District, including information on, but not limited to, the 100-year flood elevations, boundaries of the Floodplain Districts, proposed lots and sites, fills, flood or erosion protective facilities, and areas subject to special deed restrictions.

(2)    Where the subdivision and/or land development is partially or completely within any designated Floodplain Districts, or where the subdivision and/or land development borders on a Floodplain District, the preliminary plan map shall include detailed information giving the location and elevation of proposed roads, public utilities, and building sites.

[Ord. 521]

U.    Proposals for insuring that adequate, reliable, and safe water is supplied to support intended uses within the capacity of available resources. [Ord. 650]

V.    A notice on the plan that a highway occupancy permit is required pursuant to §420 of the Act of June 1, 1945, P.L.1242, No. 428, known as the State Highway Law, 36 P.S. §670-420, in any case where the plan will require access to a highway under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation. [Ord. 650]

(Ord. 465, 1/8/1979, §302; as amended by Ord. 521, 11/15/1982, §1; and by Ord. 650, 11/30/1995, §3(f))

§22-303 Final Plan.

1.    The final Plan submission shall conform in all major respects to the preliminary plan as previously reviewed and approved by the Borough and shall incorporate all modifications required in its review.

2.    The applicant shall submit three copies of an application for approval of a final plan.

3.    The subdivision plan submitted for final approval shall be a clear legible white print.

4.    Final plans shall be on sheets 30 by 36 inches. Final plans drawn in two or more sections shall be accompanied by a key diagram showing the relative location of the sections.

5.    The final plan shall be at a scale of either 1 inch equals 50 feet or 1 inch equals 100 feet and shall include the following:

A.    Subdivision name or identifying title.

B.    North point, scale, date.

C.    Name of record owner and subdivider.

D.    Name and seal of the registered professional engineer or surveyor responsible for the plan.

E.    Boundaries of the tract.

F.    Street lines, lot lines, right-of-way, easements, and areas dedicated or proposed to be dedicated to public use.

G.    Sufficient data to determine readily the location, bearing, and length of every street, lot, and boundary line and to reproduce such lines on the ground.

H.    Key may at a scale of 1 inch equals 800 feet indicating the location of the final subdivision or subdivision section plan with respect to the major street system of the Borough and to the remainder of the subdivision, if any, and all street right-of-ways to scale.

I.    Boundary lines of zone districts or municipalities, if any.

J.    The length of all straight lines, radii, lengths of curves and tangent bearings for each street.

K.    All dimensions and angles or bearings of the lines of each lot and of each area proposed to be dedicated to public use.

L.    The proposed building set-back line for each street, or the proposed placement of each building.

M.    Location and width of all private driveways.

N.    Location, size and invert elevation of all sanitary, storm and combined sewers and location of all manholes, inlets and culverts.

O.    All dimensions shall be shown in feet and in hundredths of a foot.

P.    Lot numbers.

Q.    Names of streets within and adjacent to the subdivision.

R.    Permanent reference monuments shall be shown and shall be as specified by the Borough Engineer.

S.    Wherever practicable, names of any adjoining subdivisions shall be shown.

T.    Wherever practicable, names of the owners of any un-plotted land shall be shown.

U.    Certificate of dedication of streets and other public property.

V.    All information required for the submission of the preliminary plan incorporating any changes requested by the Selinsgrove Borough Council as it relates to any subdivision or development activity within any designated Floodplain District. [Ord. 521]

W.    Documentation that all required permits have been obtained from the Department of Environmental Resources Protection, and any other Commonwealth agency, where any alteration or relocation of a stream or watercourse is proposed. Also, documentation that all affected adjacent municipalities, the Department of Community Affairs and Economic Development, and the Federal Insurance Administrator have been notified of the proposed alteration or relocation. [Ord. 825]

6.    The final plan shall include thereon or be accompanied by:

A.    An affidavit that the applicant is the owner or equitable owner of the land proposed to be subdivided.

B.    A statement duly acknowledged before an office authorized to take acknowledgment of deeds and signed by the owner or owners of the property, to the effect that the subdivision as shown on the final plan is made with his or their free consent and that it is desired to record the same.

C.    Certification by the Borough Engineer that the subdivider has met the requirements of Part 4 of this Chapter.

D.    Typical cross sections, street profiles and drainage details for all streets. Such profiles shall show at least the following: existing (natural) grade along each side of the proposed street right-of-way; proposed finished centerline grade or proposed finished grade at the top of curbs; sanitary sewer mains and manholes; storm sewer mains, inlets, manholes and culverts.

E.    Protective covenants, if any, in form for recording.

F.    An affidavit from each and every utility company that utility easements as provided satisfy the requirements of the respective utility company.

G.    A final plan for erosion and sediment control.

H.    Subdivision improvements agreement.

I.    In lieu of the completion of any improvements required as a condition for the final approval of the plan, a deposit of financial security in an amount sufficient to cover the costs of all required improvements in accordance with Part 5. [Ord. 650]

(Ord. 465, 1/8/1979, §303; as amended by Ord. 521, 11/15/1982, §2; by Ord. 650, 11/30/1995, §3(g); and by Ord. 825, 10/3/2016, §7(B))

§22-304 Minor/Subdivision Plans.

The minor/small subdivision plan shall meet the requirements set forth in §22-303.5 and .6 of this Chapter.

(Ord. 465, 1/8/1979, §304; as added by Ord. 549, 7/8/1985, §V)