Chapter 1
Administration and Government

Part 1
Board of Supervisors

§1-101    Compensation

§1-102    Term of Supervisor

Part 2
Planning Commission

§1-201    Creation

§1-202    Members of the Commission

§1-203    Term and Vacancy

§1-204    Township Planning Commission Elections

§1-205    Annual Report

§1-206    Prepare and Adopt a Plan of Development for the Township

§1-207    Establish Official Map

§1-208    Adoption of Subdivision Regulations

§1-209    Reports for Improvements

Part 3
Boards and Authorities

A.    Hughesville-Wolf Township Joint Municipal Authority

§1-301    Organize an Authority

§1-302    Articles of Incorporation

§1-303    Filing and Publishing of Articles of Incorporation

§1-304    Filing of Articles of Incorporation with Secretary of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Payment of Fees

§1-305    Appointees of the Board of Authority

§1-306    Name of Members Appointed to Board of Authority

B.    East Lycoming Recreation Authority

§1-311    Authorized to Organize

§1-312    Articles of Incorporation

Part 4
Collection Procedures and Attorney’s Fees

§1-401    Statement of Procedures

§1-402    Schedule of Fees

§1-403    Collection Procedures

§1-404    Related Action

Part 5
Right to Know Law

§1-501    Definitions

§1-502    Procedure for Access to Public Records of the Township

§1-503    Access to Public Records

§1-504    Judicial Appeal

§1-505    Fees

§1-506    Miscellaneous

Part 6
Tax Certification Fee

§1-601    Definitions

§1-602    Tax Certification Fee