Chapter 21
Streets and Sidewalks

Part 1
Street Excavations

§21-101    Definitions and Interpretation

§21-102    Permit Required to Make Opening or Excavation

§21-103    Application for Permit

§21-104    Permit Fee

§21-105    Issuance of Permits Restricted

§21-106    Information Contained on Permit

§21-107    Permit Approval/Disapproval

§21-108    Responsibilities to Contact Utilities

§21-109    Refilling of Opening or Excavation; Restoration of Surface; Responsibility for Defects Occurring Within 2 Years

§21-110    Responsibility of Permit Holder for Certain Work; Right of Township to Do Certain Work; Charges Therefore

§21-111    Requirements for Work; Correction of Unsatisfactory Work; Completion of Incomplete Work

§21-112    Emergency Openings

§21-113    Restrictions Regarding Trees and Shrubbery

§21-114    Work Necessitating Opening or Excavating to Be Done Prior to Street Improvement and Not until 5 Years Thereafter; Exception

§21-115    Permitee Responsibilities for Future Relocation of Work

§21-116    Conditions for Laying and Extending Utility Lines

§21-117    Bond Requirement

§21-118    Payment for Work Done by Wolf Township

§21-119    Penalties