Chapter 2.45


2.45.010    Department of animal control.

2.45.020    Powers of animal control officials.

2.45.030    Duties of animal control officials.

2.45.010 Department of animal control.

There is hereby created a department of animal control. [Ord. 9-16-97-2 § 2. Code 1997 § 13-3-21.]

2.45.020 Powers of animal control officials.

(1) The animal control director or any person employed by the department of animal control officer shall enforce this chapter and may issue citations to the owner or person possessing any animal which is in violation of any provision of this chapter.

(2) The animal control director, his deputies, assistants and animal control officers are hereby authorized and empowered to apprehend and take with them and impound any animal found in violation of RCC Title 6 and including licensable dogs for which no license has been procured in accordance with RCC Title 6, or any licensed or unlicensed dogs for any other violation thereof. [Amended during 2011 recodification; Ord. 9-16-97-2 § 2. Code 1997 § 13-3-22.]

2.45.030 Duties of animal control officials.

(1) The animal control director shall:

(a) Enforce RCC Title 6 and perform other responsibilities pursuant thereto.

(b) Supervise the municipal animal shelters.

(c) Keep adequate records of all animals impounded and all moneys collected.

(d) See that all animals and animal holding facilities in his jurisdiction are licensed, controlled and permitted in accordance with any applicable ordinance and/or regulations.

(e) Establish, in cooperation with the Salt Lake Valley health department and other interested governmental agencies, adequate measures for rabies immunization and control.

(2) Each animal control officer shall:

(a) Enforce RCC Title 6 in all respects pertaining to animal control within the jurisdiction including the care and impounding of animals and prevention of cruelty to animals.

(b) Carry out all duties prescribed and delegated by the director. [Amended during 2011 recodification; Ord. 9-16-97-2 § 2. Code 1997 § 13-3-23.]