Chapter 2.75


2.75.010    Contracts for services with other entities.

2.75.010 Contracts for services with other entities.

All contracts for municipal services with other governmental entities relating to police, fire protection, planning and zoning, street lighting and maintenance, dispatching services, municipal flood control, engineering services, animal control, or garbage collection services shall be adopted by ordinance or resolution of the governing body. [Ord. 6-15-99-1 § 1. Code 1997 § 7-2-24.]


State law references: Administrative powers in cities of the first class, see Section 10-3-801, Utah Code Annotated 1953; Officers limited to one office – Exceptions, see Section 10-3-803, Utah Code Annotated 1953; Administrative powers in cities of the second class, see Section 10-3-805, Utah Code Annotated 1953; Municipal employees – Duration and termination of employment – Exceptions, see Section 10-3-1105, Utah Code Annotated 1953.