Chapter 3.15


3.15.010    Notice of public bids.

3.15.020    Restrictions on contracting.

3.15.010 Notice of public bids.

Whenever Riverton City or its officers contemplate making any new public capital improvement, the city shall do so by contract let to the lowest responsible bidder after publication of notice at least twice in a newspaper of general circulation at least five days prior to the opening of bids. Whenever the city contemplates making any new improvements, Riverton City shall also comply with the notice requirements of Section 10-7-20, Utah Code Annotated 1953. [Code 1997 § 7-2-1.]

3.15.020 Restrictions on contracting.

No corporation, partnership or individual shall do work for Riverton City if they employ a member of the governing body of Riverton City or an individual employed in a supervisory or administrative position with Riverton City unless the following conditions are met:

(1) The contract for services with Riverton City is let pursuant to formal competitive bidding procedures as established by Utah state law and the Riverton City Code.

(2) That the member of the governing body or employee of Riverton City who is also employed by the contractor discloses his potential conflict of interest to the mayor and city council of Riverton City before the bids are solicited. [Code 1997 § 7-2-2.]


State law references: Contractor bonds for public contracts, see Title 14, Chapter 1, Utah Code Annotated 1953; Preferred bidders, see Section 63G-6-103, Utah Code Annotated 1953.