Chapter 15.15


15.15.010    Adoption of 2008 National Electrical Code.

15.15.020    Electrical inspection.

15.15.030    Permits and inspections.

15.15.040    Permit fees.

15.15.050    Electrical disturbances.

15.15.010 Adoption of 2008 National Electrical Code.

(1) For the purpose of prescribing regulations governing conditions hazardous to life and property from improperly designed electrical systems, the 2008 Edition of the National Electrical Code, and any subsequent editions, is hereby adopted. Riverton City hereby adopts by reference and incorporates herein the amendments to the 2008 Edition of the National Electrical Code, adopted by the Utah State Legislature pursuant to Section 58-56-4, Utah Code Annotated 1953, in House Bill 045 (2010 General Session).

(2) Pursuant to Section 10-3-711, Utah Code Annotated 1953, upon passage of the ordinance codified in this section, a copy of the 2008 Edition of the National Electrical Code shall be placed on file in the office of the Riverton City recorder for the use and examination of the public. [Ord. 10-07 § 2; Ord. 6-21-05-1 § 1 (Exh. A); Ord. 4-4-00-1 § 1. Code 1997 §§ 9-5-40, 15-50-109.]

15.15.020 Electrical inspection.

The chief building official, or his designee, shall perform all functions of electrical inspection and shall, among other things, inspect the construction, installation, and repairs of all electric light and power wiring, fixtures, appliances, or apparatus installed within the limits of the city and shall require compliance with the provisions of the electrical code. The chief building official, or his designee, shall require the correction of such defects as he deems actually dangerous to life or property. Those same enforcement standards established in the electrical codes as currently adopted by the state of Utah shall be followed by the chief building official, or his designee, for all electrical work. [Ord. 6-21-05-1 § 1 (Exh. A). Code 1997 § 9-5-41.]

15.15.030 Permits and inspections.

No alterations or additions shall be made in existing wiring, nor shall any wirings or any apparatus which generates, transmits, transforms or utilizes any electricity be installed without first obtaining a permit therefor except for work that may be exempt from requiring a permit by the electrical code currently adopted by the state of Utah. Applications for such permit describing such work shall be made in writing and shall conform as far as practicable to the requirement set forth in RCC 15.05.060. This section shall not apply to installations in power houses and substations belonging to electric light companies. No additional permits shall be issued to any applicant for a permit during the time that he shall fail to correct any defective electrical installation after he has been duly notified to correct such defective work by the chief building official. [Ord. 6-21-05-1 § 1 (Exh. A). Code 1997 § 9-5-42.]

15.15.040 Permit fees.

The electrical permit fees applicable in this city for use under the electrical code currently adopted by the state of Utah shall be the amount set forth in the currently adopted city fee schedule. [Ord. 6-21-05-1 § 1 (Exh. A). Code 1997 § 9-5-43.]

15.15.050 Electrical disturbances.

(1) Electrical installations for signs, equipment, or other facilities that create electrical disturbances that cause interference with normal radio or television reception beyond the immediate vicinity of such electrical installations are hereby declared to be a nuisance. The owners or operators thereof shall so install and maintain such installations as to avoid or eliminate such interference, using all known means and devices for such purpose, such as proper grounding, connections, condensers, resistors, and live chokes.

(2) The chief building official shall withhold or withdraw approval of any electrical installation causing the disturbance in subsection (1) of this section, and is hereby authorized to take all steps necessary for the abatement of such conditions. [Ord. 6-21-05-1 § 1 (Exh. A). Code 1997 § 9-5-44.]