Chapter 15.40


15.40.010    Definition.

15.40.020    Design.

15.40.030    Construction.

15.40.040    Administrative application of building code.

15.40.010 Definition.

For the purposes of this chapter, a “family fallout shelter” is a structure designed and constructed for emergency use only, to afford minimum protection from nuclear radiation, commonly known as fallout, resulting from a nuclear incident which recently has been or is likely to be of catastrophic proportions. [Code 1997 § 9-6-62.]

15.40.020 Design.

A family fallout shelter shall be of a design conforming to that recommended or accepted by the Federal Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense. [Code 1997 § 9-6-63.]

15.40.030 Construction.

A family fallout shelter shall, in all matters relating to construction and structural stability, comply with not less than the equivalent of the provisions relating to design loads and general building requirements specified in the building code currently adopted by the state of Utah. [Ord. 6-21-05-1 § 1 (Exh. A). Code 1997 § 9-6-64.]

15.40.040 Administrative application of building code.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions contained in the building code relating to administration, permits and inspections shall be applicable to family fallout shelters. [Code 1997 § 9-6-65.]