Chapter 18.125


18.125.010    Purpose and intent.

18.125.020    Application.

18.125.030    Permitted and development standards suffix.

18.125.040    Permitted and development standards individual.

18.125.050    Development plan and architectural review.

18.125.060    Approval of specific development plans.

18.125.070    Standards and regulations.

18.125.080    Division of property.

18.125.010 Purpose and intent.

The specific development districts and suffix are authorized and established for the purpose of protecting and promoting the public health, safety and general welfare of the city and its residents by:

(1) Protecting and enhancing the value of properties by encouraging the use of good design principles and concepts, as related to the division of property, site planning and individual improvements with full recognition of the significance and effect they have on the proper planning and development of adjacent and nearby properties.

(2) Encouraging, securing and maintaining the orderly and harmonious appearance, attractiveness and aesthetic development of structures and grounds in order that the most appropriate use and value thereof be determined and protected.

(3) Providing a method whereby specific development plans, based upon city criteria and policy and anticipated general plan programs as well as other regulations, programs and legislation, may, in the judgment of the city, be required for the systematic and orderly development of the city.

(4) Recognizing the interdependence of land values and aesthetics and providing a method to implement this interdependence in order to maintain the values of surrounding properties and improvements and encouraging excellence of property development, compatible with plans and policies of the city with due regard for the public and private interests involved.

(5) Ensuring that the public benefits derived from expenditures of public funds for improvements and beautification of streets and public facilities shall be protected by exercise of reasonable controls over the character and design of private buildings, structures and open spaces. [Amended during 2011 recodification. Code 1997 § 12-208-005.]

18.125.020 Application.

The regulations contained in this chapter shall apply to all property within a district where the district symbol is combined with the “SD” (specific development) suffix and to all property within the SD district, when applied as a separate district. In all cases where a plan in an SD district has been approved, the “SD” symbol shall be followed by a number to designate the specific development plan number, and the development that shall be permitted subject to the provisions of the approved specific development plan and the regulations of this chapter. [Code 1997 § 12-208-010.]

18.125.030 Permitted and development standards suffix.

(1) Designations with “SD” Suffix – Zoning Conformance. When the “SD” symbol is applied as a suffix in combination with the district symbol, the specific development regulations apply only to those uses that are permitted in the zoning district to which the suffix is combined. In any case where the development standards of the specific development plan differ from the regulations of the base zone the specific development plan shall apply. [Amended during 2011 recodification. Code 1997 § 12-208-015.]

18.125.040 Permitted and development standards individual.

Any uses or development of property within an SD district where the “SD” symbol is not combined with another district shall be in compliance with all applicable general plan provisions and elements and any specific development standards and regulations that have been adopted to conform with the specific development standards and regulations of this chapter. [Code 1997 § 12-208-020.]

18.125.050 Development plan and architectural review.

(1) Building Permit Application. Any application for a permit for a building or structure in the SD district or any district combined with the “SD” suffix shall be accompanied or preceded by the filing with the planning commission of a specific development plan, consisting of architectural drawings or sketches and plot plans, all to a workable scale, showing the elevation of the proposed building or structure, signs proposed, landscaping or other treatment of grounds around such buildings or structures, off-street parking and other physical features such as trees, hydrants, poles, and other such installations, and in addition, any other plan, drawing or information as may be determined by the planning commission, which, in its opinion, is necessary to fully evaluate any requirement for a building permit.

(2) Application Submission to Planning Commission. Upon receipt of said specific development plan by the planning department the same shall be referred to the planning commission, which shall consider said plans in an endeavor to provide that such buildings or structures and grounds be in keeping with the neighborhood and such as not to be detrimental to the harmonious development of the city or to impair the desirability of investment or occupation in the neighborhood. [Code 1997 § 12-208-025.]

18.125.060 Approval of specific development plans.

No permit for a building or structure shall be issued for any property subject to the provisions of this chapter until all plans, drawings and other information required under the provisions of this chapter are first approved by the planning commission and the city council as set forth in this section and as follows:

(1) No building permit shall be issued for the development of property within a zoning district classification combined with an “SD” suffix, until there is first obtained for said property an approval of the planning commission of the use of the property in accordance with an adopted development plan.

(2) As to property within an SD district, upon adoption of a specific development plan by ordinance of the city council. [Code 1997 § 12-208-030.]

18.125.070 Standards and regulations.

The planning commission may or, if so directed by the city council, shall prepare specific development standards and regulations for any property subject to this chapter; provided, that such standards and regulations are in conformity with city council adopted policies, programs and plans and all applicable sections of this chapter. Such standards and regulations may include but are not limited to:

(1) The height, location and bulk of buildings.

(2) The location, arrangement and configuration of open space and building setback.

(3) The location and design of off-street parking areas.

(4) The number, size and location of all signs.

(5) Such other regulations and standards as may be necessary to accomplish the purposes and intent of this chapter or to ensure the proper execution of the general plan. [Code 1997 § 12-208-035.]

18.125.080 Division of property.

No parcel subject to the provisions of this chapter may be divided or in any way reduced in area except for land area acquired by a public agency without first having received:

(1) Preparation of specific development standards and regulations for said parcel pursuant to the specific development standards and regulations of this chapter.

(2) Approval by the planning commission and city council of a proposed specific development plan for said parcel. [Code 1997 § 12-208-040.]