2-15-101    Committee Established.

2-15-102    Term of Office.

2-15-103    Removal From Committee.

2-15-104    Organization.

2-15-105    Powers and Duties.

2-15-106    Meeting Schedule.

2-15-101 Committee Established.

There is hereby established a Wage and Personnel Committee which shall consist of five (5) members: two (2) members of the City Council, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council, the Mayor, the Employee Association President and the City Administrator.

(Adopted by Ordinance No. 18-99)

2-15-102 Term of Office.

The City Council members of the Wage and Personnel Committee shall serve for a term of two (2) years. The Council members of the committee may be reappointed as members through their term of office as elected officials.

(Adopted by Ordinance No. 18-99)

2-15-103 Removal From Committee.

Any City Council member of the Wage and Personnel Committee may be removed upon the Mayor’s motion and by a majority vote of the City Council. Any member who fails to attend three (3) successive regular meetings of the Committee without excuse may be removed without further action. Following removal, a successor may immediately be nominated by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

(Adopted by Ordinance No. 18-99)

2-15-104 Organization.

The Mayor will chair the meeting. The Mayor will be a voting member on the Wage and Personnel Committee, and the Committee may adopt rules and regulations to conduct its meetings.

(Adopted by Ordinance No. 18-99, amended by Ord. No. 14-03)

2-15-105 Powers and Duties.

(1)    The City Administrator or designee will prepare a report on salaries and benefits for all employees and submit it to the Committee for review during the budgeting process.

(2)    The Wage and Personnel Committee will hear concerns from the Employees’ Association regarding personnel policy and procedure that may not be resolved after discussing the matter with the Human Resource Manager.

(Adopted by Ordinance No. 18-99; amended by Ord. No. 14-03; Ord. No. 07-2015 § 2, 05/19/2015)

2-15-106 Meeting Schedule.

The Wage and Personnel Committee shall meet twice per year at times and places to be designated by the Committee and at special meetings as requested.

(Adopted by Ordinance No. 18-99; Ord. No. 07-2015 § 2, 05/19/2015)