3-1-101    Creation of Office.

3-1-102    Appointment.

3-1-103    Duties of Director.

3-1-104    May Hold Other Offices.

3-1-101 Creation of Office.

There is hereby created the office of Director of Public Safety.

(Adopted by Ordinance No. 14-99)

3-1-102 Appointment.

The Director of Public Safety shall be appointed by the Mayor by and with the advice and consent of the City Council, with such qualifications as the Mayor and City Council shall from time to time determine. The Director of Public Safety shall serve at the pleasure of the City Council and may be removed by the City Council at any time upon a majority vote of the Council.

(Adopted by Ordinance No. 14-99; Ord. No. 14-2019 § 1, 07/02/2019)

3-1-103 Duties of Director.

The Director of Public Safety shall be the chief administrative officer of the Police Department, Fire Department, Ambulance Service and Animal Control Officers. It shall be the Director’s duty to supervise all employees of the said departments and to coordinate the activities of said departments providing emergency services to the public. The Director shall also be the budget officer of said departments and as such shall be responsible for funds appropriated for the operation thereof.

(Adopted by Ordinance No. 14-99)

3-1-104 May Hold Other Offices.

The Director of Public Safety may hold any office in any of the departments which he supervises, including, but not limited to, the office of City Marshal.

(Adopted by Ordinance No. 14-99)