10-2-101    International Plumbing Code Adopted.

10-2-101 International Plumbing Code Adopted.

The International Plumbing Code as published by the International Code Council, 2006 Edition, is hereby adopted as the City Plumbing Code. The same is adopted, with the modifications set forth in this Title, as if fully set forth herein. No appendices of the International Plumbing Code are adopted. The City Recorder shall maintain at least one copy of said Plumbing Code in his office for use and inspection by the public, as required by state law. It shall be unlawful to install, alter or repair any plumbing in the City in violation of or without complying with such Plumbing Code.

(1968 Code 10-2-1 as amended by Ord. 3-70; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-2-1; amended by Ord. 15-83, 5-86, 17-91, 2-98 and 23-01)