10-3-101    National Electrical Code Adopted.

10-3-102    Permit Required.

10-3-103    Fees.

10-3-104    Installation Standards and Specifications.

10-3-105    Inspection.

10-3-106    Disconnection.

10-3-107    Liability of City.

10-3-101 National Electrical Code Adopted.

The National Electrical Code, 2005 Edition, as published by the National Fire Protection Association is hereby adopted as the City Electrical Code. The same is adopted, with the modifications set forth in this Title, as if fully set forth herein. The City Recorder shall maintain at least one copy of said Electrical Code in his office for use and inspection by the public as required by state law. It shall be unlawful to install, alter, repair or do any electrical work in the City in violation of, or without complying with, the provisions of said Electrical Code and other provisions of this Chapter.

(1968 Code 10-3-1 as amended by Ordinance No. 3-70; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-3-1; amended by Ordinances No. 11-81, 6-84, 16-87, 12-90, 18-93, 4-97, and 05-2007)

10-3-102 Permit Required.

No person shall install, maintain, alter, repair, extend or reconstruct any electrical work, electrical wiring, electrical devices, fixtures, appliances or equipment, either inside or outside of any building, and no alterations or additions shall be made in existing wiring, nor shall any wiring be installed or done for the placing of any lights, power, or heating devices, or any apparatus which generates, transmits, transforms or utilizes any electricity, nor shall any alterations be made in any wiring system after final inspection without first notifying the electrical inspector and securing a permit therefor, except minor repair work, such as repairing flush and snap switches, replacing fuses, changing lamp sockets and receptacles, taping bare joints and repairing drop cords, and all work done for or on the property of the City or a public utility company, and wiring for appliances and devices operating at less than 25 volts, for which work a permit shall not be required. Permits shall be issued to no one other than holders of electrical contractor’s certificates or electrical maintenance certificates or their bona fide employees, and to individuals for work to be done on their own premises. The fee for work which has been started before issuance of the permit shall be doubled. Each application for a permit must have attached thereto a sketch or blueprint showing in detail the proposed method of installing, wiring, and apparatus to be installed. In order to secure a permit, a written application shall be made to the Electrical Department on blanks provided for that purpose by said Department, and the applicant therefor shall pay in advance such fees as may be required.

(1968 Code 10-3-4 as amended by Ordinance No. 2-70; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-3-2)

10-3-103 Fees.

The City Council shall from time to time by resolution fix the amount of permit and inspection fees relating to installing, altering, repairing and doing other electrical work within the City. All such fee schedules shall be made a matter of public record, filed with the City Recorder, and be available for inspection by any person during normal business hours.

(1968 Code 10-3-4 as amended by Ord. No. 2-70; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-3-3)

10-3-104 Installation Standards and Specifications.

(1)    Except as otherwise herein provided, all electrical wiring installations or electrical fixtures, apparatus, or appliances for furnishing light, heat, power, telegraph, telephone, district messenger, and other electrical work introduced into or placed in or on any building or structure in the City, shall be in conformity with the Electrical Code adopted by Section 1 of this Chapter, and all fittings and materials used in such installations must be approved therein.

(2)    Each flat or dwelling place in an apartment house, flat building, or building designed for two or more dwellings, shall be provided with an independent service, unless the cutouts or meters are grouped in a cabinet or closet opening into a public hallway, so as to be readily accessible at all times.

(1968 Code 10-3-5 as amended by Ordinances No. 3-70 and 3-71; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-3-4; amended by Ordinance No. 13-94)

10-3-105 Inspection.

An inspector appointed by the City shall inspect any and all work for which permits have been issued as soon as practicable after notice in writing that the work is ready for inspection. The work will not be considered ready for inspection and covering until all enclosed plumbing, steam heating, furnace work, and gas fittings are in place. Inspections shall, when necessary, be made two or more times during the progress of installation. It shall be the duty of said inspector to indicate inspection of any work by a tag or label attached to the service or switch wires and a certificate issued to the person holding the permit. Such tag or label shall state the date and whether first or final inspection has been made. It shall be unlawful for any person to cover or conceal any electrical work until such inspection tag has been placed. The inspector shall issue a certificate showing the result of such examination and cause any corrections in said work to be made if necessary.

(1968 Code 10-3-7 as amended by Ordinance No. 3-70; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-3-5)

10-3-106 Disconnection.

If the inspector shall find any part of any electric light or power wiring, appliances, apparatus, or fixtures, to have been installed without permit or installed not in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter, or to be dangerous to life or property, the inspector shall have the right and power to disconnect such defective work, fixtures, appliances, or apparatus, and place a seal upon the same, and shall at the same time give written notice of such disconnection to the owner or occupant of the building. After such disconnected wiring, fixtures, appliances, or apparatus has been put in condition required by this Chapter, the seal so placed shall be removed, but only upon order of the inspector. It shall be unlawful for any person to use any current in, through or by means of such disconnected wiring, appliances, apparatus, or fixtures, or to attach other wires for the supply of current to such disconnected wiring, fixtures, appliances, or apparatus, or to remove, break, or deface any seal so placed.

(1968 Code 10-3-8,9 as amended by Ordinance No. 3-70; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-3-6)

10-3-107 Liability of City.

Nothing in this Chapter shall be construed to relieve or lessen the responsibilities of any person owning, operating or installing any electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, construction or equipment, for damages to anyone injured or damaged either in person or property by any defect therein. Nor shall the City or any agent thereof be held as assuming any liability by reason of the inspection authorized herein or the certificate of inspection issued by the City.

(1968 Code 10-3-10 as amended by Ordinance No. 3-70; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-3-7)