12-1-101    Creation of City-County Health Department.

12-1-102    Powers of City-County Health Department.

12-1-103    Powers of Inspectors.

12-1-104    Right to Enter Premises.

12-1-101 Creation of City-County Health Department.

The City hereby joins with Utah County and other participating cities and towns in the county in the creation of a full-time City-County Health Department of Utah County.

(1968 Code 8-1-1; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 12-1-1)

12-1-102 Powers of City-County Health Department.

The City-County Health Department so created is hereby authorized and empowered to act within the limits of the City in accordance with the authority granted to a City-County Health Department by state law.

(1968 Code 8-1-2; 1979 Code 12-1-2; amended in codification)

12-1-103 Powers of Inspectors.

All officers of the Health Department shall have all rights, duties and obligations of police officers in enforcing all laws of the State of Utah, ordinances of this City and regulations of the Health Department relating to the general health of the City or the inhabitants thereof.

(1968 Code 8-1-3; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 12-1-3)

12-1-104 Right to Enter Premises.

All officers of the Health Department are hereby empowered, when it shall be deemed necessary to secure or preserve the public health, to enter into or upon any premises, buildings, or other places open to the public, to examine the conditions of such building, premise, or other place, or of any person occupying the same or working therein or thereon, and also to examine, analyze, or test any products or goods manufactured, stored, or kept for sale upon or in any building or premises; and if, after such examination, analysis or tests, such products or goods shall be found to be unfit for human food, or unsanitary, to condemn or destroy all such foodstuffs, goods, or products.

(1968 Code 8-1-4; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 12-1-4)