Chapter 17.55


17.55.010    Regulations for buildings and structures.

17.55.010 Regulations for buildings and structures.

Where buildings or structures are allowed, they shall comply with the following regulations specific to each type of structure:

A. Regulation for All Residential Structures.

1. All residential structures shall be permanently affixed to the property on which they are sited and held in common ownership with said property and classified and taxed as real estate.

2. Permanent connections to all available utilities shall be made to each residential structure.

3. Any and all appendages or accessory uses such as steps, carports, garages, storage buildings, decks and awnings or additions and alterations shall be done in accordance with the adopted addition of the International Building Code.

B. Regulations for Manufactured Housing.

1. All manufactured homes shall be certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development inspectors as meeting the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974, effective June 15, 1976 (HUD Code), and any subsequent amendments thereto.

2. Each manufactured home shall be installed, with or without basement, on a site-built permanent foundation system that meets or exceeds applicable requirements of the building codes as detailed in the “Guidelines for Manufactured Housing Installations.” Permanent masonry or concrete perimeter enclosures shall be required and shall conform to the adopted edition of the International Building Code as specified for foundation walls.

3. The manufactured home, when fully installed, must generally have the appearance of a site-built single-family dwelling.

4. The manufactured home shall be a minimum of 24 feet wide; each half of the unit shall be a minimum of 12 feet wide.

5. Towing hitches and running gear, which includes tongues, axles, brakes, wheels, lights, and other parts of the chassis intended to be operated only during transport, shall be removed.

6. Exterior siding and trim materials shall consist of durable weather-resistant materials approved for dwelling construction. In no case may corrugated metal, fiberglass, plastics, or typical trailer coach or recreational vehicle type coverings be used.

7. The roof shall have a minimum pitch of a three-inch rise to 12-inch run with six-inch eaves and gable overhangs.

8. Roofing materials shall consist of composition asphalt shingles or other shingle materials pre-approved by the building inspector.

9. The manufactured home shall also meet the minimum requirement of 1,050 square feet.

10. The manufactured home is required to have outside hose bibs attached to the front and back of the home.

11. All manufactured homes must meet requirements of the city ordinances pertaining to the residential section. [Code 2000 § 17-18-1].