Chapter 2.05


2.05.010    Oath of city officers.

2.05.020    Deferred compensation plan for city employees – Generally.

2.05.030    Same – Deferred compensation committee.

2.05.040    Agencies recognized as part of city’s official safety program.

2.05.010 Oath of city officers.

Every person elected or appointed to any office in the city shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, take the oath of office prescribed by the laws of the state to be taken by persons holding offices under the state. Such oath shall be taken before any person duly qualified to administer it under the laws of the state and his certificate that such oath has been taken shall be filed with the clerk of the circuit court for the city of Staunton. The clerk of council who shall enter the same upon the journal to be kept of the proceedings of the meetings of the council, and the school board shall enter the same in the minutes of their meeting. Any person appointed or elected to any office in the city may qualify by taking such oath up to and including the date of the initial meeting of the new governing body, or elected school board, as the case may be. (Ord. 8-22-02; Code 1985, § 2-1).

State law references – Oath of local officers required, Code of Virginia, § 15.2-1522; oath of state officers prescribed, § 49-1.

2.05.020 Deferred compensation plan for city employees – Generally.

(1) Pursuant to the Government Employees Deferred Compensation Act, Section 51.1-600 et seq., of the Code of Virginia, the city hereby adopts and establishes a plan of deferred compensation for its employees. The purpose of the plan shall be to provide for the deferral of compensation to the participants. The plan shall exist in addition to all other requirement, pension or other benefit systems available to the participants and shall not supersede, make inoperative or reduce any benefits provided by any other retirement, pension or benefit program established by law.

(2) On behalf of the employer, the city manager is hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver the plan referred to in subsection (1) of this section to the plan administrator. The plan shall contain such terms and amendments as the city manager may, from time to time, approve, such approval to be conclusively evidenced by his execution thereof. (Ord. 6-13-81; Code 1985, § 2-3).

Cross reference – Ordinances prescribing compensation for officers and employees not affected by code or ordinance adopting code, SCC 1.05.060.

State law reference – Authority to adopt deferred compensation plan, Code of Virginia, § 51.1-603.

2.05.030 Same – Deferred compensation committee.

There is hereby created a deferred compensation committee to be appointed by the city manager. Such committee is hereby granted the power to do all things by way of supervision, administration and implementation of the plan of deferred compensation, including, but not limited to, the power to contract with private corporations or institutions for service in connection therewith; provided, however, that nothing contained in this section shall be construed to authorize the deferred compensation committee to act beyond the limits of the plan. (Ord. 7-13-81; Code 1985, § 2-4).

2.05.040 Agencies recognized as part of city’s official safety program.

For the purpose of fulfilling the provisions of Sections 15.2-1701 and 27-6.1 of the Code of Virginia, the police department, the police reserve force, the fire and rescue department, the fire and rescue reserve force, and the volunteer fire company are hereby recognized as an integral part of the safety program of the city, along with other agencies so recognized by any other ordinance. (Code 1964, § 2-45; Code 1985, § 2-5; Ord. 8-8-00).

Cross references – Fire department, SCC 2.70.010 et seq.; police department, SCC 2.85.020 et seq.