Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Appointment – General duties.

2.30.020    Duties with respect to notices, ordinances and resolutions.

2.30.030    Furnishing copies of appropriations, etc., to certain officers.

2.30.010 Appointment – General duties.

(1) The council shall appoint a city clerk, who shall serve as clerk of the council, clerk of the planning commission, clerk of the board of zoning appeals and clerk to such other boards and commissions as the council may designate.

(2) The city clerk shall maintain an accurate record of the proceedings of the council and of the boards and commissions which he has been designated by the council to serve. The clerk shall attend all such meetings, unless excused by the mayor or the chairman of the respective board or commission. It shall be the duty of the clerk to index all such proceedings for easy reference, to maintain a record of the proceedings in permanent record form, to file and maintain, in a secure manner, copies of franchise agreements, long-term contracts, contracts having major significance involving the city, written opinions of the city attorney for the benefit of the council, petitions, judicial decisions involving the city and other documents which may normally be considered long-term or permanent records of the city. He shall perform such other duties as properly appertain to the office or as are prescribed by the council. (Code 1964, § 2-39; Code 1985, § 2-87).

Charter reference – Appointment of city clerk, § 10.

2.30.020 Duties with respect to notices, ordinances and resolutions.

(1) The city clerk shall be responsible for the posting and publishing of notices of official actions of the council and for compilation of ordinances and resolutions having long-term or permanent effect for indexing, codification and publication.

(2) The city clerk shall maintain a book in which shall be recorded all ordinances and resolutions which establish long-term policy, adopt fire, construction or other codes or regulations, grant franchises or establish municipal boundaries or duties and responsibilities of officers of the city. (Code 1964, §§ 2-39, 2-40; Code 1985, § 2-88).

2.30.030 Furnishing copies of appropriations, etc., to certain officers.

The city clerk shall, within two working days after each session of the council, furnish to the chief finance officer and the treasurer copies of ordinances or resolutions making appropriations or authorizing the payment of money. (Code 1964, § 2-41; Code 1985, § 2-89).

Cross references – City treasurer, SCC 2.25.010 et seq.; chief finance officer, SCC 2.45.010 et seq.