Chapter 12.35


12.35.010    Establishment of city market – Location.

12.35.020    Purpose, etc.

12.35.030    Rules and regulations.

12.35.040    Fees.

12.35.050    Retail merchant’s license waived.

12.35.060    Certificate required.

12.35.010 Establishment of city market – Location.

There is hereby established a city market or markets, which shall be operated at a location or locations designated by the city manager. (Code 1985, § 30-1).

Charter reference Section 11 (Third).

State law reference – Section 15.2-971, Code of Virginia.

12.35.020 Purpose, etc.

(1) The city market (or markets) shall be operated for the accommodation of any person desiring to make retail sales of farm produce and foodstuffs, grown or produced by him, members of his family or farm laborers employed by him upon property owned or leased by such person.

(2) Types of produce permitted to be sold hereunder include farm- and kitchen-produced products such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, cider, honey, cut flowers, potted plants, baked goods (not egg based), and jams, jellies and relishes. Canned fruit and vegetables or egg-based baking goods are not permitted without approval of the local department of health. All products sold must be produced by the seller, his family, or farm employees. Selling of items purchased from or provided by another market or producer is not permitted. (Ord. 2014-02. Code 1985, § 30-2).

12.35.030 Rules and regulations.

The city manager is authorized to make, promulgate and enforce the rules and regulations governing the hours of operation and conduct of business in the city market (or markets). Anyone aggrieved by such rules and regulations, or the application thereof, may seek relief by appeal to the city council for the city of Staunton, Virginia. (Code 1985, § 30-3).

12.35.040 Fees.

Reasonable fees for participation in the city market (or markets) shall be as set forth in the rules and regulations promulgated by the city manager. Participants shall be required to pay the applicable state and local sales taxes as set forth in such rules and regulations. (Code 1985, § 30-4).

12.35.050 Retail merchant’s license waived.

The participant, not otherwise required under applicable state and local law to have a retail merchant’s license, shall not be required to have such license solely because of his participation in the city market (or markets). (Code 1985, § 30-5).

12.35.060 Certificate required.

No person shall be allowed to sell any produce permitted hereunder in the city market (or markets) until he has obtained a producer’s certificate from the administrator of the city market as more particularly set forth in the rules and regulations promulgated hereunder. (Code 1985, § 30-6; Ord. 1-28-93).