Title 15


15.05    In General

15.10    Building Code

15.15    Repealed

15.20    Unsafe Buildings

15.25    Fire Prevention Code

*Charter reference – General authority of council as to building regulations, § 11(18,19).

Cross references – Fire warning system, Ch. 8.15 SCC; limitation on building operations at night, SCC 8.25.170; streets and sidewalks generally, Title 12; street numbers for buildings, SCC 12.05.080; obstruction of streets or sidewalks during building operations, SCC 12.05.120; erosion and sediment control, Title 13, Division I; water supply, Title 13, Division II; sewers and sewage disposal, Title 13, Division III; fire prevention code, Ch. 15.25 SCC; subdivisions, Title 17; zoning, Title 18.

State law reference – General authority of city relative to building regulations, Code of Virginia, §§ 15.2-1117 and 36-97 et seq.