Title 18


Division I. General Provisions

18.05    Title and Purposes

18.10    Definitions

18.15    Zoning Districts and Map

Division II. District Regulations

18.20    R-1 Low Density Residential District

18.25    R-2 Low Density Residential District

18.30    R-3 Medium Density Residential District

18.35    R-4 High Density Residential District

18.40    R-5 Manufactured Home Park District

18.45    R-6 Manufactured Home Subdivision

18.50    P-1 Professional District

18.53    TND-I Traditional Neighborhood Development Infill District

18.55    B-1 Local Business District

18.60    B-2 General Business District

18.65    B-3 Planned Business District

18.70    B-4 Cultural and Recreational Planned Business District

18.71    B-5 Mixed-Use Business District

18.75    I-1 Light Industrial District

18.80    I-2 Heavy Industrial District

18.83    Entrance Corridor Overlay District

18.85    H-1 Historic Preservation District

18.90    HE-1 Higher Education District

18.95    A-1 Agricultural-Forestal District

18.100    I-3 Planned Industrial District

Division III. Supplementary Regulations Applying to a Specific, to Several, or to All Districts

18.105    Development Standards for Uses Permitted on Review

18.110    Accessory Uses

18.115    Height

18.120    Yard, Building Setback, and Open Space Exceptions

18.125    Minimum Off-Street Parking Requirements

18.130    Storage and Parking of Trailers and Commercial Vehicles

18.135    Off-Street Loading and Unloading Requirements

18.140    Signs, Billboards, and Other Advertising Structures

18.145    Gasoline Service Stations

18.150    Home Occupation

18.152    Homestay

18.153    Chickens

18.154    Community Garden

18.155    Temporary Uses

18.160    Tents

18.165    Lighting

18.169    Site Plans

18.170    Floodplain Districts and Regulations

18.175    Landscaping and Screening

18.180    Occupancy Limitations

18.185    Telecommunications Facilities

18.190    Nonconforming Buildings, Structures, and Uses of Land

Division IV. Administration and Enforcement

18.195    Administration and Enforcement

18.200    Board of Zoning Appeals

18.205    Certificate of Occupancy

18.210    Procedure for Authorizing Uses Permitted on Review

18.215    Amendments

18.220    Fees

18.225    Penalties

18.230    Conflicts with Other Laws