Chapter 18.110


18.110.010    Purpose.

18.110.020    General provisions.

18.110.030    Permitted accessory structures.

18.110.010 Purpose.

The uses of land, buildings, and other structures permitted in each of the districts established by this title are designated by listing the principal uses permitted. In addition to such principal uses, this chapter shall regulate uses customarily incidental to any principal use permitted in the district. (Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 2).

18.110.020 General provisions.

Each permitted accessory use shall:

(1) Be customarily incidental to the principal use established on the same lot.

(2) Be subordinate to and serve such principal use.

(3) Be subordinate in area, extent, and purpose to such principal use.

(4) Contribute to the comfort, convenience, or necessity of users of such principal use. (Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 2).

18.110.030 Permitted accessory structures.

Accessory uses shall be permitted as specified above and such accessory uses shall be applicable to the principal use and shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) For dwellings:

(a) Shelter for house pets, but not exceeding two shelters to house not more than two adults and dependent animals per dwelling.

(b) Enclosures and shelter for chickens, but not exceeding one pen and one coop to keep not more than six chickens, as defined and provided in Chapter 18.153 SCC.

(c) Children’s playhouse and playground equipment.

(d) Incinerator, incidental to the principal use only.

(e) Private greenhouse, vegetable, fruit, or flower garden, from which no products are sold or offered for sale.

(f) Private garage or carport.

(g) Private swimming pool and bathhouse.

(h) Shed for the storage of maintenance or recreation equipment used on the premises.

(2) For church, chapel, temple, or synagogue:

(a) Parish house, or residence for the clergymen of the congregation.

(b) Religious education building.

(3) For educational institutions:

(a) Convent or lay teacher’s quarters.

(b) Dormitories.

(c) Power or heating plants.

(d) Stadiums, gymnasiums, field houses, game courts, or fields.

(4) For golf and country clubs:

(a) Dwelling for caretaker.

(b) Maintenance equipment storage shed.

(c) Pro shop.

(d) Lounge and dining area.

(e) Refreshment facilities used primarily for members or participants at such clubs.

(5) For hospitals and health institutions:

(a) Staff quarters.

(b) Laundry, incidental to the principal use only.

(c) Medical and nursing instruction.

(d) Chapel.

(6) For industrial uses in the industrial districts:

(a) Offices.

(b) Restaurants or cafeterias.

(c) First aid clinics or dispensaries.

(d) Watchmen’s quarters.

(e) Research or pilot structures. (Ord. 2015-09. Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 2).