Chapter 18.145


18.145.010    Service station regulations.

18.145.010 Service station regulations.

The following regulations shall apply to all gasoline service stations:

(1) There shall be a building setback from all right-of-way lines a distance of not less than 40 feet.

(2) Service stations shall not be constructed closer than 50 feet to any residential district.

(3) The minimum distance between the intersection of right-of-way lines at a corner lot and the driveway to a service station shall be not less than 25 feet.

(4) A raised curb at least six inches in height shall be constructed on all street property lines, except at driveway openings.

(5) The length of curb openings shall not exceed 40 feet.

(6) When two curb openings are giving access to a single street, they shall be separated by an island with a minimum dimension of 25 feet. Curb cuts for driveways shall not be located closer than 10 feet to any adjoining property lines.

(7) To ensure that sufficient room be provided on either side of the pumps without intruding upon sidewalks or on adjoining property, gasoline pumps shall not be located closer than 50 feet from any residential district.

(8) Gasoline pumps shall not be located closer than 15 feet to any street right-of-way line.

(9) A solid masonry wall shall be constructed when service station property abuts property zoned for residential purposes. Such wall shall not be less than five feet in height and all required yards shall be landscaped and maintained.

(10) Off-Street Parking. Off-street parking is as regulated in Chapter 18.125 SCC.

(11) Signs. Signs are as regulated in Chapter 18.140 SCC.

(12) Gasoline pump island covers are permitted to be constructed closer to the street line than the standard setback, provided no part of the cover is closer than five feet to any street right-of-way, and the following requirements are met:

(a) The supporting members shall not be located closer than 15 feet of any street right-of-way.

(b) The minimum height measured between finished grade and the bottom of the cover shall not be less than 12 feet, six inches.

(c) The maximum height, measured from finished grade to the top of the cover shall not exceed 20 feet.

(d) The gasoline pump island cover shall be constructed in accordance with the building code requirements. (Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 9).