Chapter 18.150


18.150.010    Purpose.

18.150.020    Definition.

18.150.030    Special requirements.

18.150.040    Prohibited uses.

18.150.050    Expiration and revocation.

18.150.060    Fee.

18.150.010 Purpose.

This chapter defines home occupations and prescribes the conditions under which such occupations shall be permitted. (Ord. 2018-08. Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 10).

18.150.020 Definition.

A “home occupation” is a gainful occupation or profession conducted by persons residing on the premises and conducted entirely within the dwelling or its accessory buildings. In connection with a home occupation, no stock in trade shall be displayed outside, and no alteration to any building shall indicate from the exterior that the building is being utilized in whole or in part for any purpose other than a residential unit, including the utilization of a permitted accessory building. (Ord. 2018-08. Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 10).

18.150.030 Special requirements.

Home occupation, where permitted, must meet the following special requirements:

(1) The applicant must be the owner of the property on which the home occupation is to be located, or must have written approval of the owner of the property if the applicant is a tenant.

(2) The home occupation shall be operated only by the persons residing on the premises.

(3) The home occupation, when restricted to the main building, shall not occupy more than 25 percent of the floor area within said building except in the case of in-home day care.

(4) The home occupation shall not generate excessive traffic or produce obnoxious odors, glare, noise, vibration, electrical disturbance, radioactivity, or other conditions detrimental to the character of the surrounding area and, in general, shall give no evidence of a nonresidential character of the use.

(5) In addition to the requirements of Chapter 18.130 SCC, all parking in connection with the home occupation, including for vehicles marked with advertising or signage for the home occupation, shall be parked solely in driveways and garages on the premises, or in available on-street parking areas.

(6) Any home occupation resulting in customers or clients coming to the home shall be conducted by appointment only. (Ord. 2018-08. Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 10).

18.150.040 Prohibited uses.

(1) Teaching, including tutoring, musical instruction, or dancing, to more than three pupils at any given time. A larger number of pupils may be approved, in advance, for special events by the zoning administrator. When reviewing these special requests the zoning administrator will consider the time and day, available parking in the area, and the complaint history of the home occupation.

(2) Funeral homes and mortuary establishments.

(3) Animal hospitals, kennels, and breeding of any domesticated or nondomesticated animal, bird, fowl, or poultry.

(4) Auto detailing and equipment installation where more than one vehicle being serviced is present on the property at any given time.

(5) Beauty salon or barbershop containing more than two chairs.

(6) Business offices, therapists, and similar business uses where more than one customer, client, or paying entity is served at one time.

(7) Medical or dental clinic.

(8) Outside storage of any kind related to a business.

(9) Restaurants.

(10) Retail or wholesale sales where any goods or merchandise are displayed or otherwise offered on site for sale or purchase except in cases where sales are done individually and by appointment only.

(11) Schools, nursery schools, or day cares that care for more than four nonrelated children.

(12) Stores.

(13) The storage of explosive, flammable, or hazardous waste or materials not otherwise associated or customary to a home use. (Ord. 2018-08. Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 10).

18.150.050 Expiration and revocation.

A zoning permit for home occupations shall expire or be revoked under the following conditions:

(1) Whenever the applicant ceases to occupy the premises for which the home occupation permit was issued. No subsequent occupant of such premises shall engage in any home occupation until he shall have been issued a new permit after proper application.

(2) Whenever the holder of such a permit fails to exercise the same for any period of six consecutive months.

(3) Whenever the zoning administrator finds that the holder of the permit has violated the conditions of the permit or one or more of the special requirements identified in SCC 18.150.030. (Ord. 2018-08. Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 10).

18.150.060 Fee.

The fee for application for a home occupation permit shall be as provided for under “zoning permit fee” in SCC 18.220.020. (Ord. 2018-08; Ord. 2010-06. Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 10).