Chapter 18.30


18.30.010    General description.

18.30.020    Permitted principal and accessory uses and structures.

18.30.030    Uses permitted on review.

18.30.040    Area regulations.

18.30.050    Usable open space.

18.30.060    Height regulations.

18.30.070    Off-street parking.

18.30.080    Occupancy limitations.

18.30.010 General description.

These districts provide for medium to high residential population density. The principal uses of land may range from single-family to multiple-family apartment uses. Certain uses which are more compatible functionally with intensive residential uses than with commercial uses are permitted. The recreational, religious, educational facilities, and other related uses in keeping with the residential character of the district may be permitted on review by the planning commission. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 3).

18.30.020 Permitted principal and accessory uses and structures.

Property and buildings in an R-3 medium density residential district shall be used only for the following purposes:

(1) Any use permitted in an R-1 and R-2 low density residential district.

(2) Two-family dwelling.

(3) Multiple-family dwelling.

(4) Rooming or boarding house.

(5) Group house.

(6) Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to the above uses when located on the same lot.

(7) Housing for the elderly.

(8) Home occupations as regulated in Chapter 18.150 SCC.

(9) Co-location of telecommunication antenna and related equipment as regulated in SCC 18.185.020(4). (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 3).

18.30.030 Uses permitted on review.

The following uses may be permitted on review by the city council in accordance with provisions contained in Chapter 18.210 SCC:

(1) Any use permitted on review in an R-1 and R-2 low density residential district.

(2) Fraternities, sororities, and denominational student headquarters.

(3) Medical care facility.

(4) Medical facility, except veterinary hospital or clinic.

(5) Private day nurseries and kindergartens, as regulated in SCC 18.105.060.

(6) A planned residential development as regulated in SCC 18.105.020.

(7) Single-family attached dwellings and single-family semi-detached dwellings as regulated in SCC 18.105.030.

(8) Additional Dwelling Unit(s).

(a) For an already existing single-family dwelling that, as of August 27, 2015, contained and continues to contain the same 3,000 square feet or more of net floor area and does not otherwise meet the minimum area requirements established in the intensity-of-use provisions for each district under this title, one or more additional dwelling units within such dwelling may be permitted as follows:



3,000 square feet or less


3,001 square feet to 5,500 square feet

1 additional unit

5,501 square feet to 8,000 square feet

2 additional units

8,001 square feet to 10,500 square feet

3 additional units

(b) Parking for two-family dwellings shall be regulated the same as for single-family dwelling.

(c) Parking for any use in excess of a two-family dwelling shall comply with all provisions of Chapter 18.125 SCC.

(d) For the purposes of this section, “net floor area” means the total of all floor areas of a building, excluding stairwells and elevator shafts, equipment rooms, interior vehicular parking or loading, and all floors below the first or ground floor, except when used or intended and permitted to be used for human habitation or service to the public. (Ord. 2015-12. Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 3).

18.30.040 Area regulations.

All buildings shall be set back from street right-of-way lines and lot lines to comply with the following yard requirements:

(1) Front Yard.

(a) For single-family, two-family, and multiple-family dwellings the minimum depth of the front yard shall be 25 feet and in no case shall an accessory building be located or extend into the front yard.

(b) Churches and other main and accessory buildings, other than dwellings, shall have a front setback of 35 feet.

(2) Side Yard.

(a) For single-story dwellings, located on interior lots, side yards shall be not less than eight feet in width; however, the sum of the two side yards shall be not less than 20 feet each.

(b) For dwellings of more than one story, there shall be side yards of not less than 12 feet.

(c) For unattached buildings of accessory use there shall be a side yard of not less than eight feet; provided, however, that unattached one-story buildings of accessory use shall not be required to set back more than five feet from an interior side lot line when all parts of the accessory building are located more than 10 feet behind the main building.

(d) Churches and other main and accessory buildings, other than dwellings, and buildings accessory to dwellings, shall set back from all side lot lines a distance of not less than 35 feet.

(3) Rear Yard.

(a) For main buildings, other than garage apartments, there shall be a rear yard of not less than 25 feet.

(b) Five-foot setback for accessory buildings.

(4) Lot Width.

(a) For single- and two-family dwellings there shall be a minimum lot width of 75 feet at the front building line.

(b) For multiple-family dwellings there shall be a minimum lot width of 100 feet at the front building line.

(c) For lots having a width of not more than 150 feet, the lot length shall be not greater than three times the lot width.

(5) Intensity of Use.

(a) For each single-family dwelling and building accessory there served by a sanitary sewer system there will be a lot area of not less than 7,500 square feet.

(b) For each two-family dwelling there shall be a lot area of not less than 9,000 square feet.

(c) For multiple-family structures, there shall be a lot area of not less than 6,000 square feet plus an additional 1,500 square feet for each dwelling unit. For those structures which provide off-street parking within the main structure, the lot area requirement may be reduced 200 square feet per dwelling unit.

(d) For churches and other main and accessory buildings, other than dwellings, and buildings accessory to dwellings, the lot area shall be adequate to provide the yard areas required by this chapter and the off-street parking areas required in Chapter 18.125 SCC; provided, however, that the lot for a church shall not be less than 30,000 square feet.

(6) Maximum Lot Coverage. Main and accessory buildings shall cover not more than 30 percent of the lot area. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 3).

18.30.050 Usable open space.

For multiple-family structures there shall be usable open space provided for each dwelling unit of not less than 400 square feet. Open space does not include drives, parking, and service areas. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 3).

18.30.060 Height regulations.

(1) No main building shall exceed three stories or 35 feet in height, except as provided in Chapter 18.115 SCC; and

(2) By special use permit as set forth in Chapter 18.210 SCC, city council may allow an increase to the allowable height of this district. The guidelines for considering such an increase shall include but not be limited to:

(a) The proposed structure is compatible with the character of the surrounding area.

(d) There is no substantial degradation of air movement or light infiltration.

(c) There is no adverse effect to the health, safety, and welfare of the surrounding neighborhood. (Ord. 2002-30. Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 3).

18.30.070 Off-street parking.

Off-street parking is as regulated in Chapter 18.125 SCC. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 3).

18.30.080 Occupancy limitations.

Occupancy limitations are as regulated in Chapter 18.180 SCC. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 3).