Chapter 18.65


18.65.010    General description.

18.65.020    Uses.

18.65.030    Area regulations.

18.65.040    Signs.

18.65.050    Uses permitted on review.

18.65.010 General description.

The B-3 planned business district is intended to permit the development of neighborhood business areas by one developer in those areas of the city where there are areas of sufficient size in heavily populated sections and where sanitary sewers, street access, and public water supply are adequately provided. Upon completion of development, the ownership and control of the exterior of the buildings, structures, and grounds shall remain under one ownership or control. Within this district, the location of buildings, design of buildings, parking areas, and other open spaces shall be controlled in such a manner that it will not be a detriment to the adjoining residential property or to the neighborhood in general. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 10).

18.65.020 Uses.

Within the planned business district, no building, structure, or premises shall be used and no building or structure shall be erected or altered until and unless the same has been approved by the planning commission and by city council in accordance with the provisions contained in Chapter 18.210 SCC, and until and unless the following conditions have been complied with:

(1) Uses permitted will be the same as those permitted in the B-1 district.

(2) There shall have been filed with the planning commission a written application for approval of a contemplated use within said district, which application shall be accompanied with the following information:

(a) A plot plan indicating the location of present and proposed buildings, driveways, parking lots, landscaping, screening, and other necessary uses.

(b) Preliminary architectural plans for the proposed building or buildings.

(c) A description of the business operations proposed in sufficient detail to indicate the effects of those operations in producing excessive auto or traffic congestion or problems of noise, glare, odor, fire, or safety hazards, or other factors detrimental to the health, safety, and welfare of the area.

(d) Engineering or architectural plans for the handling of any of the problems of the type outlined in subsection (2)(c) of this section, including the handling of storm water and sewers and necessary plans for the controlling of smoke or other nuisances such as those enumerated under subsection (2)(c) of this section.

(e) Any other information the planning commission or city council may need to adequately consider the effect that the proposed uses may have upon the area, and/or the cost of providing municipal services to the area. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 10).

18.65.030 Area regulations.

In this district the area regulations, maximum lot coverage, height regulations, and off-street parking shall comply with the requirements of the B-1 district. There shall be a 25-foot setback from all streets and all adjoining residential property. This setback shall act as a buffer between the business and residential uses. It shall be fully landscaped and maintained with grass and with trees or shrubbery of sufficient height and density to serve as a screen between the business zone and the residential zone. The buffer zone shall not constitute a site-distance obstruction at street intersections. The buffer zone shall be considered as part of the lot area but shall not be used for any business purpose such as buildings, parking lots, signs, or any accessory use.

The buffer zoning, upon completion of development of the project, shall be at or near the same grade or plane which existed prior to the development of the planned business district property, unless otherwise expressly reviewed and approved by the planning commission and by city council.

These restrictions shall not apply to that portion of the lot fronting on the major business thoroughfare or thoroughfares. Entrances to the property will be allowed from the arterial streets only. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 10).

18.65.040 Signs.

(1) For each shopping center, one ground sign having a maximum area of 100 square feet, maximum overall height of 30 feet, minimum distance from street line of 10 feet indicating the name of the shopping center. In lieu of the shopping center name, the one sign may designate a business use or a combination of business uses within the center.

(2) For each individual business, one sign attached to the building having a maximum area of one square foot for each linear foot of building frontage occupied by a single permitted use.

(3) All other regulations of Chapter 18.140 SCC shall apply. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 10).

18.65.050 Uses permitted on review.

The following uses may be permitted on review by the planning commission in accordance with provisions contained in Chapter 18.210 SCC:

(1) Medical care facility.

(2) Group house. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 10).